865 New Jerseyites, Pennsylvanians,
and New Yorkers in 1808

Reprinted from American Genealogy Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 5, pp. 19-29.

The following lists the sponsors of Charles Drellincourt's The Christian's Defence of Death; With Seasonable Directions How to Prepare Ourselves to Die Well. A list of book subscribers was given in the conclusion of the volume, which was published by James Oram in Trenton, New Jersey.

Note: Sarah Mattison Goodlove was the original owner of the volume from which this list was copied. The following was written in the book's end sheets:

"Sarah Mattisons Book
Sarah Mattison
February 20th 1825
Susan Mattison Presented
by her affectionate Mother
July 31st 1828
Grandma Goodlove was 25 years of age at this time and unmarried when she & grandpa Goodlove were mar. Apr. 23 1833[?]"

New Jersey Subscribers
New York Subscribers
Pennsylvania Subscribers

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