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Cherokee County Probate Index


An Index to
Probate Minutes, 18511853
Vol. C-2
Cherokee County, Texas

Abstracted by James Pylant
Family History Library microfilm no. 0,988,071

Name Record Page(s)
AVERY, James, dec'd. Estate 44-58
BASS, John, dec'd. Estate 118-132
BRENT, Neut Lunatic 90-95; 424
BROOM, Irwin C. Minor heirs 33-36
CADDELL, John, Sr. Estate 406-415
CANNON, G. W. Minor heirs of B. CANNON, dec'd. 154-159
COOK, Jos. G., Sr. Estate 22-24
CORTENAS, Migual, dec'd. Estate 137-142; 387-390
DEAL, Isaac Guardian of his heirs 37-40
EASTERS, C. D. Estate 111-115
ENGLEDOW, Elizabeth Estate 65-86
FARRAR, John Estate, minor heirs 40-43
FELPS, Brittain Estate 334-336
FELPS, John J. Minor heirs of B. FELPS 133-136; 336-339
FINCH, William Estate 552-562
FOWLER, Eli G. Estate 339-343
GEORGE, William, dec'd. Estate; Elijah CHISUM, Admin. 261-263
GLIDEWELL, A. Estate 397-406
GRAY, George, dec'd. J. G. PERRYMAN 159-165
GRIFFIN, Benjamin, dec'd. Estate 390-394
GRIFFIN, Benjamin Heirs 395-396
HALL, R. G., dec'd. Minors 243-248
HALL, Richard G., dec'd. Estate 59-65
HENNIS, Purity Estate 166-173
HERRELL, John, dec'd. Estate 416-422
JOHNSON, Maria Minor heirs; T. LEONARD, guardian 105-110
JONES, Wiley Guardian 12-14
KEAHEY, George B., dec'd. Estate 189-198
KERR, David A. Guardian 116-118
LEDBETTER, Seaborn, dec'd. Estate 174-189
LINDSEY, James I. Estate 95-110
MANSELL, John, dec'd. Estate 255-258
MOORE, Joseph T., dec'd. Estate 24-33
PARKER, Moses L., dec'd. Estate 310-333
POPE, Jabez, dec'd. Minor heirs 230-242; 304-309
SILLMAN, James Estate of heirs 422-424
SMITH, Susan O. & Armanda D. Heirs of Samuel SMITH 86-90
SNEAD, Marion Estate 15-20
STAFFORD, Arthur Heirs 1-3
TUBBS, Elisha, dec'd. Estate; Levi MEADFORD 263-275
VINING, L. M. Estate 344-350
WAGGONER, N. C. Estate 200-239
WILLIAMS, James Estate 4-12; 276-303