Mrs. Ione (Greenwood) Bownds was a substitute teacher for the elementary school at Lorenzo, Crosby County, Texas. The following list was abstracted from her grade book, the Texas Teacher's Daily Register for Public Schools, for the 1929-1930 term. The grade book provided spaces for the teacher to enter the child's name, birth date, name of parent or guardian, and the parent or guardian's residence and occupation. The original register is in possession of's editor, James Pylant.


Student Birth Date Parent or Guardian Residence Occupation
Helen Bartlett 15 Jun. 1921 W. H. Bartlett Lorenzo Farmer
Johnie Mae Brackeen [not given; age 8 yrs.] O. M. Brackeen Lorenzo Farming
Ruth Davis 17 Jan. 1922 Mrs. Vera Davis Lorenzo [not given]
Cleo Dickson [not given] C. F. Dickson Lorenzo Farming
Ina Elliott 14 May 1921 W. E. Elliott Lorenzo Painter
Francis Goodwin 19 Jul. 1921 C. L. Goodwin Lorenzo Farmer
Ruth Jameson 10 Jan. 1922 L. O. Jameson Lorenzo Farming
Juanita Jones 3 Mar. 1921 Ray Jones Lorenzo Farmer
Dorthy King [not given] M. D. King Lorenzo [not given]
Nadine Kirby 29 Feb, 1818 O. O. Kirby Lorenzo Farming
Mable Lee 17 Jun. 1921 J. T. Lee Lorenzo Farmer
Ilean Miller 11 Jul. 1921 Mrs. Alta Miller Lorenzo Farmer
Dorene Ogle 21 Mar. 1921 John Ogle Lorenzo Farming
Inez Olson 17 Sep. 1921 C. E. Jackson Ralls Farming
Audrey Richburg 10 Mar. 1921 G. W. Richburg Lorenzo Farming
Grace Scott [not given] [not given] [not given] [not given]
Jimmie Smyers 10 Jul. 1921 Sid Smyers Lorenzo Ginning
Hettie Mae Reese 9 Mar. 1920 J. W. Reese Lorenzo Farmer
Faye Setzer [not given] [not given] [not given] [not given]
Louanna Watson 9 Mar. 1921 J. W. Watson Lorenzo Farmer
Ida Mae Williams 8 Apr. 1921 Mrs. Georgia Williams Lorenzo Farmer
Paula M. Yardley 27 Aug. 1921 Geo. C. Yardley Lorenzo Farming


Student Birth Date Parent or Guardian Residence Occupation
Lyman Abell 20 Nov. 1922 R. R. Abell Lorenzo Chevrolet Dealer
Wiley Baker 8 Feb. 1923 Charles M. Baker Lorenzo Farming
J. C. Barnett, Jr. 24 May 1921 J. C. Barnett Lorenzo Farmer
J. S. Bedingfield, Jr. 12 Feb. 1921 J. S. Bedingfield Lorenzo Farmer
Gene Carlisle 25 Feb. 1921 C. F. Carlisle Lorenzo Farming
Alton Carpenter 8 Oct. 1921 Roy Carpenter Lorenzo Farmer
Orvill Chambles 27 Jul. 1922 A. P. Chambles Lorenzo Farming
Leroy Denison 2 Nov. [1920] Paul Denison Lorenzo Farming
Eugene Dycus 28 Oct. 1920 J. C. Dycus Lorenzo Farming
Jimmie J. Ellison 2 Nov. 1920 A. E. Ellison Lorenzo Farming
T. J. Eaves 27 Apr. 1921 A. L. Eaves Lorenzo Farming
Robert Fox 24 May 1921 D. O. Fox Lorenzo Farming
Max Gorman 9 Feb. 1923 J. S. Gorman Lorenzo Tailor
Rex Harp 22 Aug. 1921 E. M. Harp Lorenzo Farmer
Val Reed Harris, Jr. 11 Jun. 1921 Val Harris Lorenzo Farmer
Wesley Hazle 20 Jun. 1921 Cal Hazle Lorenzo Blacksmith
Lelian Hope 8 Nov. 1920 Mrs. Neta Hope Lorenzo [not given]
Bruce Knight [not given] [not given] [not given] [not given]
Sam Lattimore 20 Apr. 1921 Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Tyer Lorenzo Barber
George W. Paulson 21 May 1922 Paul C. Paulson Ralls Farming
Thomas A. Paulson 6 Oct. 1920 Paul C. Paulson Ralls Farming
Earl Reynolds 9 Jun. 1921 C. E. Reynolds Lorenzo Farmer
James Burr Russell 18 Oct. 1921 G. C. Russell Lorenzo Farming
Clifton Shaw [not given; age 9 yrs.] F. G. Shaw Lorenzo Farmer
Beryle Lee Schaepf 2 Apr. 1920 E. T. Schaepf Lorenzo Farming
Jack Sales 5 Dec. 1921 J. W. Sales Lorenzo Farming
Francis Scott 20 Jan. 1921 H. V. Scott, Jr. Lorenzo Farming
Grady Simpkins — Jun. 1920 E. G. Simpkins Lorenzo Farming
J. C. Underwood, Jr. 23 Mar. 1921 J. C. Underwood Lorenzo Farming
Weldon Wallace 28 Jul. 1921 I. F. Wallace Lorenzo Day Laborer


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