Click to enlarge"In Search of the Black Dutch"

The "Black Dutch" have long been an enigma in American genealogy. Their descendants are widely reported, yet no authoritative definition exists for this intriguing term. Many claims are made about the Black Dutch, but are any valid? Clues to this genealogical mystery were sought by contacting their descendants. Who were the Black Dutch? Where did they live?

The first in-depth survey of the mysterious "Black Dutch" appears as a special feature in American Genealogy Magazine,Vol. 12, No. 1. This 20-page, illustrated report discusses the physiognomy, ethnology, and geography of over 100 American families of Black Dutch descent.

This issue of American Genealogy Magazine has 88 pages. Other features of this issue include: "Cherokee-White Intermarriages, Part VIII" and "Index to Estate Papers, Sumter County, South Carolina (1800-1906), Part V (Surnames R - S)."

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