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Will Book 1, pages 1-4
Walker County, Alabama

Last Will and Testament of


Heirs: beloved wife, Matilda Brown “all my household and Kitchen furniture and all of my books all of my personal and real estate for her use and benefit and my three children, to wit: Lucinda A., Mary F. and Susan M. Brown, which my wife is to hold the same during her natural life or widowhood, and after either the same is to be equally divided between my three children . . . Except my watch, bible, pistol & other side arms and ten dollars in silver. My pistols & other side arms I give to Lucinda A. Brown and five dollars in silver. I give my watch to Mary F. Brown. I give my bible & five dollars in Silver to Susan M. Brown. I give my pistols and other side arms to Lucinda A. Brown because of her spunk. I give my watch to Mary F because of her fancy for jewelry. I give my Bible to Susan M because of her meekness.” Wife is appointed executor. Dated 18 August 1874. Signed, John Brown. Witnesses: H. W. Hamilton and Henry Ferguson. Proven in court on 23 April 1875.

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