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Will Book 1, pages 1-4
Walker County, Alabama

Last Will and Testament of

Pages 9-12

John Frazier

Heirs: Daughter, Louisa Jane Thomas, 15 acres off the East half of or E quarter section 3, township 14, Range 5 west. Remainder of land and plantation to be supervised for rent and management for best interest of Eliza A Frazier, “my beloved wife,” and Mary E. Frazier, “my little daughter.” Mary E. to receive final settlement when she arrives at full age or marries. If she dies without issue, the remainder to go to the children of Louisa Jane Thomas. Martin M. Phillips appointed as executor. (Signed) John Frazier. Witnesses: S. J. Fields, E. M. Robinson, and S. M. Gunter. Codicil dated 21 July 1876, states that Martin M. Phillilps to make inquiry and investigation as to “Whether or not my wife Adaline has a living husband.” If his investigation reveals a living husband, all of his wife’s property is to be equally divided between his two lawful daughters.” Witnesses were J. L. Phillips, W. J. Cross and C. V. Phillips. 22 June 1876. Proven in court on 6 September 1876.

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