The Family of Mysterious

Lizzie Borden

"Lizzie Borden—the name conjures up graphic scenes of a half-crazed woman wielding an axe in fury as she viciously murders her father and stepmother. This murder mystery is a Hollywood dream come true. And over one hundred years after this double murder, the mention of Lizzie Borden still generates debate as to her guilt or innocence. Did she or didnít she?

"Never can we be sure of the answer to that question. The 1892 deaths of Andrew Jackson Borden and his second wife, Abby Durfee Gray, has so many unanswered questions, that even today there will always be those who feel that Lizzie was innocent. On the other side are those who will point to her very different lifestyle after her acquittal which they claim proves her guilt. Perhaps the biggest question of all is the Borden family."

The above—excerpted from Rhonda R. McClure's article, "Chopping A Branch Off Lizzie Borden's Family Tree," American Genealogy Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 3,— examines a claim that Lizzie Borden had an illegitimate brother. Accused axe murderess Lizzie Andrew Borden was born 19 July 1860 in Fall River, Massachusetts, and died 1 June 1927 in Fall River. She was a daughter of Andrew Jackson Borden and the former Sarah Anthony Morse.

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