The Luckhoo Dynasty


Seven year-old Lokhooa, along with his brothers, eleven year-old Ruhoman and thirteen year-old Pahalad, were persuaded by a labor recruiter to leave their native India and sail to British Guiana (now Guyana). In five years, the recruiter assured the brothers that they could return to India as rich men. "For Lokooa," said Fred Archer, "the promise of wealth was to come true, but he did not go back to India. He stayed and founded a dynasty."

LOKHOOA [later MOSES LUCKHOO], merchant, born 1859, India—died 1909, Guyana; married Elizabeth Saywack.
Their children:
  • EDWARD ALFRED LUCKHOO, O. B. E., first Indian solicitor in Guyana, Mayor of New Amsterdam, Member of the Legislature; married Evelyn Maude Mungal-Singh.
    Their children:
    • Sir EDWARD VICTOR LUCKHOO, Q. C. High Commissioner for Guyana in India; Chancellor of the Judiciary; Acting Governor General of Guyana; married Maureen Moxlow.
    • Sir LIONEL ALFRED LUCKHOO, K. C. M. G., Kt. Bach., C. B. E., Q. C., Lord Mayor of Georgetown, Judge of Supreme Court of Guyana, Ambassador and High Commissioner, barrister, newspaper columnist, author, broadcast journalist, licensed minister; married (1) Sheila Chamberlin; married (2) Jeanie Willis Carter.
    • CLAUDE LLOYD LUCKHOO, Q. C.; attorney; m. Doreen Ablack.
    • ENA LUCKHOO, married Dr. Peter Byrne.
    • RENEE LUCKHOO, married Dr. Frank Mahabir.
  • JAMES LUCKHOO, died at age 12.
  • JOSEPH ALEXANDER LUCKHOO, K. C.; born 1887, Guyana - d. 1949, Guyana; First Indian Barrister-at-law in Guyana, First Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice of Guyana; married Irene Mahadeo.
    Their children:
    • Sir JOSEPH ALEXANDER LUCKHOO, (1917-1990), Chief Justice of Guyana, Appeal Judge, Jamaica
    • RONALD HEWLEY LUCKHOO, barrister-at-law
  • Dr. DAVID LAURENCE LUCKHOO, Fellow, Royal Faculty of Physicians, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • AMY ELIZA LUCKHOO, married Edgar Adolphus Adams, O. B. E., F. A. C. C. A., Town Clerk of Georgetown, Guyana. Their children:
    • EDGAR WANDSWORTH ADAMS, barrister-at-law
    • BERTRAND OSWALD ADAMS, Q. C., attorney.

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