Genealogical Gleanings From
Texas Obituaries
& Death Records

This collection of some 4,000 records spans the 1870s through the 1990s and largely represents the north central portion of Texas; though it also reaches the western city of Lubbock and the southeastern city of Houston. Full transcripts are frequently given for earlier newspaper death notices, while later obituaries appear in a condensed form.

Abstracts from death certificates, the largest segment of the collection, include any genealogical relevant data — the full name of deceased, race, sex, marital status, birth date, place of birth, death date, place of death, place of burial, name of informant, names of parents, and the source citation. Practically all entries presented here represent individuals born no later than 1930.

The amount of data found on a death certificate depends largely upon that supplied by the informant or the clerk’s attention to detail. Researchers are cautioned that information about the deceased — particularly the birth data and names of parents — was only as reliable as the informant. Even genealogists not having roots in Texas may find references to distant relatives, as often the deceased was born in another state and the names of his or her parents, as recorded, may have never lived in the Lone Star State.

This collection was amassed by Datatrace Systems for more than a twenty-year period, often during on-site research at courthouses and archives, and by the acquisition of privately-held genealogical collections. Individual contributors include Paula Lane Corregan, Marilyn Mills Ewers, Louise Griffin, James Pylant, and Paul Smith.

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