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Ahentafel of Paul Revere

Patriot Paul Revere was the third son of a Huguenot father, Apollo Rivoire, and a New England mother, Deborah Hitchbourne. "Huguenot names were not easily managed by the stiff Puritan tongues of the pre-Revolutionary period," wrote Mary Caroline Crawford. Thus, the father of Paul Revere Americanized his name around the time of his marriage to Deborah Hitchbourne, of Boston, on 19 June 1729.1 Apollos Rivoire was the son of Isaac Rivoire and Seréne Lambert, and the grandson of Jean Rivoire and Magdaeleine Malapogne.2

  1. Paul Revere, b. 1 Jan. 1735, Boston, Essex Co., Mass.—d. 10 May 1818, Boston; m. 4 Aug. 1757, to Sarah Orne (1736—1773)
  2. Apollo Rivoire [later Paul Revere], b. 1702, Riocaud, France—d. 1754; m. 19 Jun. 1729.
  3. Deborah Hitchbourne, b. 1704—d. 1771.
  4. Isaac Rivoire, b. 1660 —d. 1741; m. 1694
  5. Seréne Lambert
  6. Thomas Hitchbourn, b. 1673—d. 1731
  7. Francis Pattishall, b. 1679—d. 1749
  8. Jean Rivoire, b. ca. 1632
  9. Magdaeleine Malapogne
  10. [—?—] Lambert
  11. [—?—]
  12. Thomas Hitchbourne
  13. Ruth [—?—]
  14. Capt. Richard Pattishall, d. 1689
  15. Martha Woody, b. 1651—d. 1718.

For additional details about this family, see Paul Revere's Ancestry.


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