D-Wills and Administrations of Southampton County, Virginia, 1749-1800

Southampton County, Virginia

Justices of the Peace


At a court continued and held for the county of Southampton on Friday, the eleventh day of July, 1793:

Present — Benjamin Blunt, James Wilkinson, William Hines, Robert Goodwyn, Josiah Vick, Edmund Tyler, William Edmunds, Howell Edmunds, Gentín.

Thomas Turner, Shadrach Lewis, Lazarus Cook, Willím Bailey, George Blunt, Samuel Calvert, Robert Taylor, William Baker, Samuel Maget, Lewis Fort, Jacob Darden, Albridgton Browne, and John Urquhart, are by the court recommended to the Executive as proper persons to act as Justices of the peace for this county.

Teste: SAMíL KELLO, C. S. C.

List of persons recommended by the Court of Southampton to act as Justices of the peace:

1777, 21st June —
Albridgton Jones, Dead.
James Ridley, Dead.
Nicholas Maget, resigned.
Henry Taylor, Dead.
Charles Briggs, qualified.
Benjamin Ruffin, Resigned.
Edwin Gray, Dead.
Thomas Blunt, Dead.
William Blunt, Dead.
Samuel Browne, never qualified.
Elias Herring, Removed.
Thomas Williamson, Dead.
John Ruffin, Dead.
Benjamin Blunt, Dead.
John Taylor, nev. Qualified
Henry Browne, Removed.
John Thomas Blow, never qualified.
John Rogers, Removed.
Micajah Holliman, Acts.

April, 1782 —
George Gurley, Sheriff.
Henry John Burges, never qualified.
Willím Urquhart, Do., Do.

April, 1792 —
John Simmons, Sr., Acts.
Jesse Whitehead, Dead.
James Gray, never qualified.
Timothy Thorp, Dead.
Miles Cary, Never qualified.
John Blunt, do., do
David Barrow, never qualified
Thomas Butts, never qualified;
Thomas Turner, never qualified;

1784, June 10 —
Thos. Ridley, acts.
Albrigdon Jones, Jr., Resigned.
William Hines, acts.
John Myrick, never qualified.
Jesse Browne, Removed.
Etheldred Taylor, Dead.
Thomas Clements, Jr. Dead.
Richard Edwards, Removed.
John Wilkinson, never qualified.
Josiah Vick, acts.

June, 1788 —
Elisha Darden, Dead.
Edmíd Taylor, acts.
Wm. Edmunds, Acts.
Jno. Whitehead, Dead.
James Wilkinson, Acts.
Daniel Simmons, never qualified

March, 1791 —
Hartwell Cocke, Dead
Robít Goodwyn, acts.
Robert Mabry, Acts.
John Wright, never qualified.
Thos. Gray, Do., Do.
Howell Edmunds, Resigned
Benjamin Blunt, Jr., acts
Edwin Gray, never qualified

SAMíL KELLO, Cl. S. C. [Clerk, Southampton County]

Sherwin McRae, ed., Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts, From August 11, 1792, to December 31, 1793, Preserved in the Capitol, at Richmond (Richmond: A. R. Micou, Superintendent of Public Printing, 1886), pp. 445-446.

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