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Thomas Jefferson


Ahnentafel of
President Thomas Jefferson

  1. THOMAS JEFFERSON, b. 2 Apr. 1743, Shadwell, Goochland Co., Va.ód. 4 Jul. 1826, Monticello, Albemarle Co., Va; m. 1 Jan. 1772, Charles City Co., Va., to Martha (Wayles) Skelton (b. 19 Oct. 1748, Charles City Co., Va.ód. 6 Sept. 1782, Monticello), widow of Bathurst Skelton.
  2. Peter Jefferson, b. 29 Feb. 1707/8, probably Osborne's, Chesterfield Co., Va.ód. 17 Aug. 1757, Shadwell, Goochland Co., Va.; m. [bond] 3 Oct. 1739.
  3. Jane Randolph, bapt. 20 Feb. 1720, St. Paul's Church, Shadwell, London, Englandód. 31 Mar. 1776, Monticello, Albemarle Co., Va.
  4. Thomas Jefferson, Jr., b. ca. 1679, prob. Henrico Co., Va., ód. c. 1679ó15 Feb. 1730/1, prob. Osborne's, Chesterfield Co., Va.; m. 20 Nov. 1697, Henrico Co., Va.
  5. Mary Field, b. 3 Feb. 1679/80, Henrico Co., Va.ód. 13 Aug. 1715, prob. Henrico Co., Va.
  6. Isham Randolph, b. Jan. 1685, Turkey Island, Henrico Co., Va.ód. Nov. 1742, Dungeness, Goochland Co., Va.; m. ca. 1718, White Chapel, London, England.
  7. Jane Rogers, b. ca. 1695ód. bet. 1760-1761, Dungeness, Goochland Co., Va.
  8. Thomas Jefferson, d. aft. 1697, Henrico Co. Va.; m. c. 1678/9.
  9. Mary Branch, who m. (2) Joseph Mattox.
  10. Peter Field, b. ca. 1647ód. 24 Jul. 1707, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., Va; m. 21 Oct. 1678, Chickahominy, Va.
  11. Judith Soane, b. ca. 1646, prob. Litlington, Sussex, Englandód. ca. 1703, Henrico Co., Va.
  12. William Randolph, b. ca. 1648, prob. Moreton Morell, Warwickshire, Englandód. 21 Apr. 1711, Turkey Island, Henrico Co., Va.; m. bet. 1678-1680.
  13. Mary Isham, b. ca. 1660ód. aft. 1713/4.
  14. Charles Rogers, d. aft. 1704; m. ca. 1694.
  15. Jane Lilburne, of Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, England, d. aft. 1724; m. (2) William (or John) Linton.
  16. Christopher Branch, Jr., b. ca. 1627, Henrico Co. Va.ód. ca. 1665, Charles City Co., Va.
  17. Henry Soane, bapt. 17 Nov. 1622, Brighton, Sussex, Englandód. ca. 1661/2, James City Co., Va.; m. ca. 1642/3, Lewes, Sussex.
  18. Judith Fuller, d. aft. 1695.
  19. Richard Randolph, bapt. 24 Feb. 1621/2, Little Houghton, Northampton, Englandód. May 1678.
  20. Elizabeth Ryland
  21. Henry Isham, b. ca. 1628, prob. Pytchley, Northampton, Englandód. ca. 1675, prob. Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co., Va.; m. ca. 1659.
  22. Katherine Banks, b. ca. 1630, prob. Canterbury, Kent, Englandód. 1686, Henrico Co., Va; widow of Joseph Royall.
  23. William Lilburne, b. ca. 1636ód. 17 Jan. 1681/2, Newcastle upon Tyne, England; m. 21 Aug. 1662, St. Nicholas Parish, Newcastle.
  24. Elizabeth Nicholson, d. bet. 1715-1721.
  25. Christopher Branch, b. ca. 1602ód. bet. 1678ó1681/2, Henrico Co., Va.; m. Sep. 1619, St. Peter's, Westcheap, London, England.
  26. Mary Addie, of Darton, Yorkshire.
  27. Henry Soane, poss. bapt. 7 May 1594, Brighton, Sussex, Englandóbur. 20 Feb. 1632, Rottingdeane, Sussex, England; m. 5 Nov. 1621, Brighton.
  28. Elizabeth Worger, b. ca. 1600, prob. Brighton, Sussex, Englandód. aft. 1633
  29. William Randolph, poss. bur. 1657, Moreton Morrell, Warwick, England; m. 30 Mar. 1619, Courteenhall or Cotton End, Northampton, England.
  30. Dorothy Lane, bapt. 4 Sep. 1589, Courteenhall, Northampton, England; widow of Thomas West.
  31. John Ryland
  32. William Isham, bapt. 20 Mar. 1587/8, Braunston, Northampton, Englandód. 15 Aug. 1625, Toddington, Bedford, England.
  33. Mary Brett, b. ca. 1604ód. aft. 22 Dec. 1682.
  34. George Lilburne, b. ca. 1585ód. aft. 1681, prob. Whitburn or Stockton, Durham, England; m. 13 Apr. 1629.
  35. Eleanor Hicks, bur. 23 Oct. 1677; widow of Ralph Lambert.
  36. Christopher Nicholson, bapt. 30 Nov. 1602, Hawkshead Hall, Lancaster, Englandód. 29 Sept. 1670, Newcastle, England.
  37. Jane Butler, bapt. 8 Oct. 1611, St. Nicholas, Newcastle.
  38. Lionel Branch, bapt. 18 Aug. 1566, Abingdon, Berkshire, Englandód. ca. 1605; m. 8 Jul. 1596, St. Martin, Ludgate, London, England.
  39. Valentia Sparkes
  40. Francis Addie of Darton, Yorkshire
  41. [possibly] Edward Soane of Brighton, Sussex
  42. Richard Worger, b. ca. 1565, Brighton, Sussex, Englandóbur. 30 Jan. 1614, Brighton; m. ca. 1595.
  43. [Margaret?] Humphrey, poss. bapt. 13 Jan. 1575, Brighton, Sussex, Englandóbur. 24 Apr. 1610, Brighton.
  44. Robert Randolph
  45. Richard Lane of Courteenhall, Northampton, England
  46. Elizabeth Vincent of Harpole, Northampton
  47. Sir Euseby Isham, b. 26 Feb. 1552/3ód. 11 June 1626, Pytchley, Northampton, England.
  48. Anne Borlase d. Dec. 1627, prob. Pytchley, Northampton, England.
  49. William Brett, b. ca. 1562, prob. London, Englandód. ca. 1562; m. ca. 1624.
  50. Mary [ó?ó], d. aft. 1624.
  51. John Lilburne of Thickley Punchardon, Durham, England.
  52. Isabel Wortley
  53. John Hicks, d. ca. 1631; m. 20 Feb. 1603/4, Lamesley, Durham, England.
  54. Alice Blaikston
  55. Alan Nicholson, bur. 7 Oct. 1616, Hawkshead Hall, Lancaster, England; m. ca. 1595.
  56. Susan Hechstetter, bur. 4 Mar. 1642, Hawkshead Hall, Lancaster.
  57. John Butler, d. 1643; m. 14 Nov. 1609, St. Nicholas, Newcastle, England.
  58. Jane Huntley


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"September 2, 1619óCHRISTOPHER BRANCHE, Gentleman, and Mary Addie, spinster, daughter of Francis Addie of Darton, County York, husbandman; at St. Peter's, Westcheap, London.óMARRIAGE LICENSES, LONDON, HARLEIAN PUBLICATIONS, VOLUME XXVI, PART 2ND, PAGE 78," as reprinted in Cabell's Branch of Abingdon, p. 77.

Wassell Randolph's Henry Randolph I (1623-1773) [sic] of Henrico County, Virginia and His Descendants Preceded by Short Review of the Randolph Family in Early England and Elsewhere (Memphis: Cossitt Library, 1952), p. 27, states: "Henry Randolph, soon after his first wife's death, commenced to court Judith, daughter of Henry Soane, Speaker of the House of Burgesses."

Jonathan Daniel's The Randolphs of Virginia, p. 23, states that William Randolph became Henry Isham's friend and "suitor for the hand of his daughter Mary. She was described as a 'much courted belle' who played a lutelike musical instrument called a cittern. . . She brought to William important colonial connections. Also she came as the principal heiress of her father."

A sea captain, Isham Randolph was educated at William and Mary College. He married his second wife, Jane Rogers, in London. A Randolph descendant described Thomas Jefferson's grandmother, Jane (Rogers) Randolph, as óa stern strict lady of the old school, much feared and little loved by her children. ó See Fawn M. Brodie, Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History (New York: Bantam Books, Inc., 1974, repr. 1979), pp. 34, 681.