Research Tips & Articles

The Addams Family's Carolyn Jones: A Descendant of Geronimo?
Ahnentafel of Andrew Jackson
Ahnentafel of Thomas Jefferson
Ahnentafel of Zachary Taylor
American Surnames in 1790
Belgian Migrations: Walloons Arrived Early in America
The Bewitching Family Tree of Elizabeth Montgomery
"Black Dutch" As 19th Century Slur
Book Reviews
The British-American Roots of John Astin
Chopping a Branch Off Lizzie Borden's Family Tree
Church Records: Genealogical Clues
Colonial Love and Marriage
Court Records Often Ignored
The Deep Southern Roots of Stella Stevens
Did Your Ancestor Sign the Declaration of Independence?
The Dutch-American Roots of Joan Van Ark
The Dutch Touch Upon America
Edward Turner, Esquire
English Surnames Derived From Meadow Landmarks
Eva Longoria: The Roots of a Desperate Housewife
Family Maps from Arphax Publishing
The Family Tree of Anna Nicole Smith
The Family Tree of Diana Ross
The Family Tree of Katherine Helmond
The Family Tree of Morgan Fairchild
The Family Tree of Roseanne Barr
The Family Tree of Stevie Nicks
Family Trees: Horace Spaulding of Macoupin County, Illinois
Family Trees: John Bound and Ann Bowern of Dorset, England
Family Trees: Piland/Pilant/Pyland/Pylant
Finding Mayflower Families
A Finger Pointed . . .
Gale Genealogy Connect: A Review
A Genealogical Look at General Douglas MacArthur
A Genealogical Look at Laura Ingalls Wilder
Genealogist Appears on Reality TV Series
A Glimpse at Paul Revere's Ancestry
A Glossary of Terms Found in Court Records
Heraldry: The Use and Abuse of the Coat-of-Arms and Crest
How Do You Pronounce That Name?
I'm My Own Grandpa: Where Did the Tale Begin?
Indian-European Marriages in the Gulf South
Intermarriage in the Cherokee Nation
The Irish-American Roots of William Frawley
Jack Albertson's Kinship to Cloris Leachman and Sharon Stone
Landed Gentry: A Measure of Wealth
Larry Hagman's Southern Roots
Legends: The Case of the Axe-Wielding Grandma
Linking Us to the Past -- Name By Name
The Lives of "White Negroes"
A Look at Tori Spelling's Family Tree
Looking Beyond Will Abstracts
The Louisiana Biography and Obituary Index Online
Louisiana's Early Rapides Records Reconstructed
The Luckhoo Dynasty
Mary Boleyn's Carey Children: Offspring of Henry VIII?
Masonic Lodge of Texas Resumes Research Service
The Midwestern Roots of Barbara Bel Geddes
Migration Patterns of Our Scottish Ancestors
The Missouri Ancestry of Robert Reed ("The Brady Bunch")
My So-Called Family Coat of Arms
New York City's Vital Registry Act of 1853
On the Oregon Trail . . .
Patricia Neal's Deep Roots in the Bluegrass State
Pleading the Belly
Reminders For Successful Research
Revolutionary War Pensions Online
Same Surname, Different Origin
The Scottish-American Roots of Harriet MacGibbon ("Mrs. Drysdale")
Slavery Separated Families
Some English Surnames Reveal Ancestral Residence
Some Genealogical Notes on Humphrey Bogart
Some Lineages Can't Be Traced
Strange Kinships Uncovered in American Family Trees
Surnames Derived from English Occupations
Surnames Originating As Insults
Surnames Sound a Challenge for Researchers
Swedish Research: A Case Study
The Tennessee Branches of Joan Crawford's Family Tree
A Texas Oil Dynasty: The Family Tree of Cullen Davis
Thanatological Studies Useful to Genealogists
Tips for Finding British Vital Records
Tracing Patriot Ancestors
True-Crime Magazines Are Useful to the Genealogist
Tying the Knot: English Style
Understanding the Census Records
Victoria Principal's Roots in the Peachtree State
Was Abraham Lincoln Illegitimate?
Watch Out for Fake Family Trees
The Welsh: Surnames and Migrations
What is an Inquisition post mortem?
Where to Find Online Genealogy Databases
Wild West Personalities Produce Bang-Up Pedigree

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