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"Boys, they are going to kill us. Let us die like men." -- Robert Fenner

Extracted from John Henry Brown's History of Texas, 1685- 1892 [Title page missing]

Lt. Col. William Ward, having crossed the Guadalupe and reached the area of Dimmit's Point (25 miles east of Victoria), was overtaken by Gen. Jose Urrea. Forced to surrender on 22 March 1836, he and his men were marched back to Goliad and confined with honor and respect and sent on parole to the United States, General Santa Anna considered the prisoners to be a hindrance and expense and ordered their executions. The prisoners were marched outside of Goliad and shot. Of Ward's 107 men, the following prisoners escaped capture.

David I. Holt, F. Davis, Joseph Andrews, Wm. S. Butler, Samuel G. Hardaway, I. T. Pease, --?-- Trezevant, Aaron S. Mangum, Reason Banks, Allen Ingram, M. K. Moses, H. Rogers, Samuel C. Pitman (or Pelman), James C. Greene, George Rounds, C. F. Hick, B. T. Bradford, J. D. Rains, Perry Davis, H. G. Hudson, W. Simpson, and Nathaniel R. Brister.

Texans Murdered at Goliad on 27 March 1836

James W. Fannin, Jr., colonel commanding; Lieutenant-Colonel William Ward, of the Georgia battalion; Major Benjamin C. Wallace, of the Lafayette battalion; Major Warren Mitchell, of the Georgia battalion; Adjutant Chadwick (or Shadwick), Adjutant J. S. Brooks, Sergeant-Major Gideon Rose.

Texans Marched Out in Three Divisions and Murdered at Goliad, 27 March 1836

Captain Burr H. Duval's Company
Burr H. Duval; Lieutenants Samuel Wilson and John Q. Merrifield, Sergeants G. W. Daniell, J. S. Bagley, E. P. G. Chisen (probably Chisholm) and W. Dickerson; Corporals N. B. Hawkins, A. B. Williams, A. H. Lynd and R. C. Brashear; Privates T. G. Allen, J. M. Adams, J. F. Bellows, Wm. S. Carlson, Thomas S. Churchill; Wm. H. Cole, H. M. Dawnman, John Donoho, George Dyer, C. R. Haskell [2], --?-- Johnson, Q. P. Kimps, A. G. Sermond, William Mayer, J. McDonald, Wm. Mason, Harvey Martin, Robert Owens, R. R. Rainey, L. S. Simpson, --?-- Sanders, L. Tilson, B. W. Toliver (Teliaferro?), J. Q. Valckner, --?-- Batts, --?-- Woolrich and Wm. Waggoner.

Captain Pettus' Company, the San Antonio Grays, the Captain being absent
Lieutenant John Grace (brother of the subsequent Catholic bishop of Minnesota), Sergeants E. S. Heath, --?-- James and Samuel Riddell; Privates C. J. Garriere, Allen O. Kenney, Joseph P. Riddle, F. H. Gray, George Green, Charles Sergeant, --?-- Cazart, Wm. G. Preusch, John Wood, Dennis Mahoney, Noah Dickinson, George M. Gilland, --?-- Wallace, Wm. Harper, Edward Moody, --?-- Escott, Manuel Carbajal (a Mexican), R. J. Scott, --?-- Gould, W. P. Johnson, A. Bynum, --?-- Hodges, Charles Phillips, James West, J. M. Cass, --?-- Logan and --?-- Perkins.

Captain Uriah J. Bullock's Company, the Captain being sick in Velasco
Sergeants Bradford Fowler and Allison Ames, Corporals J. Rufus Munson, T. S. Freeman and G. M. Vigal, Privates Isaac Aldridge, Wm. A. J. Brown, George W. Cumming, Joseph Dennis, --?-- Michael, Devereaux Ellis, Charles Fine, --?-- Gibbs, Perry H. Minor, John O. Moore, John Moat, --?-- McKenzie, Robert A. Pace, Austin Perkins, Samuel Rowe, John S. Scully, Joseph A. Stovall, --?-- Weeks, --?- - Wood, James McCoy and Moses Butler.

Captain Wiley Hughes and Daniel B. Brooks, Sergeants Anthony Bates, John S. Thorn and Wesley Hughes; Corporals John M. Kimble, Walter W. Davis, Abraham Stephens, J. M. Powers, and --?-- Ray, Privates John Aldridge, John M. Bryson, Michael Carroll, Thomas H. Carbys, John Ely, George Eubanks, Dominic Gallagher, Wilson Holmes, Grier Lee, Joseph Loring, Alexander J. Loverly, Martin Moran, Watkins Nobles, John M. Oliver, Patrick Osborne, Wm. Parvin, Gideon S. Ross, Anderson Ray, Thomas Rumley, Wm. Shelton, James Smith, Christopher Winters, Harrison Young, Josiah B. Beall, John Bright and H. Shultz.

Captain Wadsworth's Company, he being absent:
Lieutenants Thomas B. Ross and J. L. Wilson, Sergeants S. A J. Mays and Samuel Wallace, Corporals J. S. Brown and J. B. Murphy, Privates William Abercrombie, T. B. Barton, J. H. Clarks, W. J. Cowan, J. A. Foster, F. Gilkerson, Wm. Gilbert, J. H. Moore, C. C. Milne, J. B. Rodgers, R. Slatter, J. H. Sanders, W. S. Tuberville and E. Wingate.

Captain Tichenor's Company, he being absent:
Lieutenants Memory B. Tatom and Wm. A. Smith, Sergeants Edmund Patterson and Richard Rutledge, Corporals Joseph B. Tatom, Perry Reese and Thomas Rieves, Musician Thomas Weston; Privates John McGowen, David Johnson, Samuel Wood, Isaac N. Wright, Wm. L. Allsion, Washington Mitchell, Stephen Baker, Henry Hasty, James A. Bradford, Cornelius Rooney, Seaborne A. Mills, Cullen Conrad, James O. Young, Edward Fitzsimons, Hezekiah Fist, O. F. Leverette, Wm. Comstock, John O'Daniell, Charles Lantz, Evans M. Thomas, A. M. Lynch, G. W. Carlisle, Leven Allen, Jesse Harris, --?-- Swords, --?-- Williams and Wm. P. B. Dubose.

Captain Peyton S. Wyatt's Company, be being on a leave of absence:
Second Lieutenant Oliver Smith, Sergeants Wm. Wallace, George Thaver and Wilkins, Quartermaster Olvier Brown; Musician Peter Allen, Privates Gabriel Bush, Ewing Caruthers, N. Dembrinske, Henry Dixon, T. B. Frizell, I. H. Fisher, Edward Fuller, Frederic Gebinrath, James Hamilton, E. D. Harrison, --?-- Kortickey, C. Nixon, --?-- Clennon, J. F. Morgan, F. Petreiswich, Wm. S. Parker, Charles Patton, John R. Parker, Wm. R. Simpson, Frederic Sweman and Allen Wrenn.

Captain Ira Westover's Company:
[Consisting primarly of Irish volunteers from Refugio and San Patricio]
Second Lieutenant Lewis W. Gates, Sergeants Wm. S. Brown, George McKnight and John McGloin, Privates Augustus Baker, Mathew Byrne, John Cross, John Fagan, Wm. Harris, John Kelly, Dennis McGowan, Patrick Nevin, Thomas Quirk, Edmund Ryan, Thomas Smith, E. J. A. Greynolds, Daniel Buckley, Marion Betts, G. W. Goglan, Matthew Eddy, Robert English, John Gleeson, Wm. Hatfield, John Hilchard, Charles Jenson, Wm. Mann, John Numlin, Stephen Pierce, Sidney Smith, Daniel Syers, Lewis Shotts, Charles Stewart, Joseph W. Watson, James Webb, William Winningham, Antonio Siley and John James.

Captain David N. Burke's Company of Mobile Grays, he being absent on leave:
Second Lieutenant J. B. Manomy, Sergeants James Kelly and H. D. Ripley, Privates Kneeland Taylor, Charles B. Jennings, P. T. Kissam, John Richards, Orlando Wheeler, John D. Cunningham, Wm. McMurray, John Chew, M. P. King, Jacob Coleman, W. P. Wood, Wm. Stevens, Peter Mattern, Conrad Egenour, G. F. Courtman, James Reid, Wm. Hunter, M. J. Frazier, S. M. Edwards, Wm. J. Green, A. Swords, Z. O'Neill, Charles Linley, Wm. Catlin and Randolph T. Spain.

Captain [Dr.] Jack Shackleford's Company of Red Rovers:
Sergeants F. S. Shackleford [the captain's nephew], Arthur G. Goley, Z. H. Short, Corporals H. H. Gently, D. Moore, J. H. Barkley and A. Winter; Privates P. H. Anderson, Joseph Blackwell, B. F. Burts, Thoams Burnbridge, J. M. Ramhill, W. C. Douglass, J. W. Cain, Harvey Cox, Seth Clark, J. G. Coe, Alfred Dorsey, G. L. Davis, H. B. Day, A. Dickson, J. W. Duncan, R. T. Davidson, J. E. Ellis, Samuel Farney, Robert Fenner, E. B. Franklin, Joseph Ferguson, M. C. Gower, D. Gamble, William Gutner, J. E. Grimes, Wm. Hemphill, John Eiser, John Jackson, W. H. Jones, John N. Jackson, John Kelly, Daniel A. Murdock, Charles W. Kinley, J. H. Miller, J. N. Seaton, W. J. Shackleford [the captain's son], B. Strunk, W. F. Savage, W. E. Vaughn, James Vaughn, Robert Wilson, James Wilder, Wm. Quinn and Henry L. Douglas.

Captain Albert C. Horton's Company:
Elias Yeamans, Erastus Yeamans, Ranson O. Graves, Napolean B. Williams, Lewis Powell, Hughes Witt, George Paine, Thomas Dasher, John J. Hand, --?-- Duffield, --?-- Spencer and --?-- Cash. Thirty-six other soldiers in Horton's Company retreated and were not in battle.

Soldiers not under a company:
Lieutenants --?-- Hurst and --?-- Rills, Captain Dunsanque, Samuel Sprague, James Pitman, C. Hardwick, R. E. Petty, Charles Henck and James M. Miller.

Captain Aaron B. King's Company
Captain Aaron B. King, Sergeants Samuel Anderson, George W. Penny, J. H. Collison and William R. Johnson; Privates J. P. Humphries, H. H. Kirk, L. C. Gibbs, L. G. H. Bracey, J. C. Stewart, T. Cooke, James Henley, Jackson Davis, J. Coleman, Gavin H. Smith, Snead Ledbetter, R. A. Toler, Wm. S. Armstrong, Joel Heath and --?-- Johnson.

Johnson's group: Col. Francis W. Johnson, Toler, Love and Miller
Samuel W. McKneeley was captured at San Patricio but escaped several months later with Reuben W. Brown [who moved to Brazoria County by 1892]. A. H. Osborne was wounded in Refugio and escaped.

Soldiers escaping during Col. Ward's retreat:
David I. Holt, F. Davis, Wm. S. Butler, Samuel G. Hardaway [a Georgia youth], L. T. Pease, --?-- Trezevant, Aaron S. Mangum, Reason Banks, George Rounds, Allen Ingram, M. K. Moses, H. Rodgers, Samuel C. Pitman, James C. Jack, D. Greene, C. F. Hick, Lieutenant B. T. Bradford, J. D. Rains, Perry Davis, H. G. Hudson, W. Simpson, Nathaniel R. Brister and Joseph Andrews.

Surrendering with Col. Ward and released after the Battle of San Jacinto:
Thomas J. Smith [who died in 1890 at Fort Bend], H. Mordecai [Jewish; killed on 9 August 1840 by Indians], Pierce Hammock, Thomas Harry, Dr. Lampkin, Ed. Patterson (or Pattison), A. J. Hitchcock, and others (numbering 10 or 12 -- names unknown).

Saved as physicians, carpenters and laborers at the Goliad massacre on 27 March:
Dr. Jack Shackleford [a captain], Dr. Joseph H. Barnard, Dr. James Fields, John Vanbiber, Benjamin Oldum [Oldham?], --?-- Derrick, George Voss, Peter Griffin, J. H. Barnwell, John T. Spillers, Thomas Stewart, Wm. L. Wilkerson, J. Bridgeman, James H. Callahan [later a captain], Josiah McSherry, E. Durrain, Joseph Cramble, Thomas Harvey, John C. P. Kennymoore, Nicholas B. Waters, W. Welsh, John Lumpkin, A. M. Boyle, George Pittuck [father of A. A. Pittuck], Wm. Rosenberry, Alvin E. White, Joseph M. Spohn, Francisco Garcia, Capt. Wm. Shurlock and Benjamin Franklin Hughes [who died in 1892 in Dallas].

John C. Duval [who later lived in Austin], John Holliday, --?-- Sharpe, C. B. Shaine, Wm. L. Hunter [who died in 1887], --?-- Holland, David J. Jones, Wm. Brennan, John Reese, Milton Irish, F. M. Hunt, Samuel T. Brown, J. H. Neely, Bennett Butler, Herman Ehrenberg [who died in California], Thomas Kemp, N. J. Devenny, Isaac D. Hamilton, Z. S. Brooks, Dillard Cooper [who later lived in Hays County], Daniel Martindale, Wm. Hadden, Charles Smith, Nat Hazen, Wm. Murphey, John Williams, Joseph Fenner [son of Robert Fenner], and Rufus Munson [a Georgia youth; often incorrectly listed as being among the slain].

Reprinted from American Genealogy Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 3.

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