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Will Book 1, pages 95-99
Walker County, Alabama

Last Will and Testament of


To beloved wife Susannah E. Swindle “the plantation on which we now reside,” containing 150 acres more or less. She is also to receive all live Stock, horses, cattle sheep, swine, etc., all the household furniture, wagons, vehicles and tools of every description, and four notes and interest. After her death, all remaining property is bequeathed to his children: Manda Wiggins, Vinie Williamson, William Swindle or his heirs, Elias Swindle or her heirs, J. H. Swindle, Permelia Davidson, Elizabeth Payne, Eliza Swindle, James Swindle, L. C. Swindle, George Swindle, Daniel Swindle, Mary Etta Cranford, L. B. Lawson, E. D. Swindle, Doctor V. Swindle, Jaiby W. Swindle and Sausan E. Swindle. L. C. Swindle appointed executor. (Signed) William Swindle. Witnesses: J. S. Watts and J. H. Morris. 13 February 1889. Filed 22 November 1893.

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