A List of Former Justices of the Peace in Amelia County, Virginia, 1793

August 1st.

A list of Magistrates in the Commission of the Peace for the county of Amelia, with those who have departed this life, and removed out of the county, viz:

William Archer, dec’d.
John Winn, dead.
John Tabb, sworn but never acts.
Edmond Booker, dead.
Thomas Munford, dead.
Vivien Brooking, sworn but seldom acts.
Lawrence Wills, dead.
Christopher Hudson, ditto.
Christopher Ford, ditto.
Stephen Cocke, Removed to Nottoway & Dead.
Henry Anderson, sworn but seldom acts.
William Giles, Refused.
Peter Lamkin, sworn but now in Nottoway.
John Pride, sworn.
Samuel Sherwin, dead.
Edward Meade, Refused.
Peter R. Bland, dead.
Tom B. Willson, Refused.
Thomas B. Munford, dead.
John Booker, Jr., Refused.
Edward Booker, Jr., sworn & now Sheriff.
Abraham Green, Jr., Refused.
Benjamin Word, Jr., Refused & Dead.
Stith Bolling, sworn & now in Nottoway.
Stephen Cocke, Refused.
William Fitzgerald, ditto.
Edward Munford, Refused.
John Ogillby, sworn.
Daniel Jones, Refused.
David Crawly, Refused & dead.
Joseph Royal, sworn & dead.
Machness Goode, ditto.
Robert Bolling, sworn & Removed.
William Cryer, ditto. diddo.
Thomas Short, Ref’d & Removed.
Raleigh Carter, sworn & Remov’d to Nottoway.
Theodorick Bland, Sr., Dead.
Richard Kennon, sworn & Removed.
Wm. C. Craddock, Sworn.
William Finney, & dead.
Simeon Walton, Refused.
Joseph Jennings, Ditto.
Peter Randolph, sworn & now in Nottoway co.
Richard Ogillby, sworn.
Joseph Eggleston, sworn.
Richard Eggleston, Refused.
Wm. Greenhill, sworn & now in Nottoway.
Freeman Epes, Refused.
Abner Osborne, sworn & now in Nottoway co.
Thomas P. Overton, sworn.
Davis Booker, ditto.
William Walthall, ditto. & dead.
John Royal, Jr., sworn.
William Yates, ditto. & dead.
John Archer, sworn.
Joshua Chaffin, ditto.
John Finney, ditto.
Francis Anderson, Jr., ditto.
Efford Bently, ditto. & Removed.
Wm. S. Peachy, Refused & Removed.
David Meade, sworn.
Wm. Murray, ditto.
Pleasant Roberts, ditto.

Acting Magistrates in all is 16.

At a Court held for Amelia County the 26th day of July, 1792: Present—John Pride, John Ogilby, John Archer, Joshua Chaffin, John Finney, Wm. Walthall, Davis Booker, Pleasant Roberts, Gent.; Justices.

Alexander Jones, Gent. is by the Court unanimously Recommended by his Excellency the Governor; as a fit and proper person to be added to the Commission of the Peace for this county.

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Source: Sherwin McRae, ed., Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts, From August 11, 1792, to December 31, 1793, Preserved in the Capitol, at Richmond (Richmond: A. R. Micou, Superintendent of Public Printing, 1886), pp. 466-468.