Adolphus H. Parker biography

ADOLPHUS H. PARKER, a civil and mining engineer of El Paso, was born at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, and in his youth came with his parents to America in the early ’50s, the family home being established in Lebanon, Warren county, Ohio, where Mr. Parker attended school. His attention was directed in the line of surveying and civil engineering and early in the ’60s he went to California by way of the isthmus of Panama, locating at San Jose in the Santa Clara valley, where he was elected surveyor before he had attained his majority. He lived in California for about seventeen years, engaged in civil and mining engineering, and afterward spent two years in the mining regions of Utah and Arizona. In 1882 he located in El Paso, where he has since resided, being one of the pioneers of this city and is now a member of the Pioneer Association.

Mr. Parker had been a resident of this city for about six months when he was elected city engineer and for six years he filled the office in a most satisfactory and capable manner, his official services commended by all connected with this department of the city’s service. During the latter part of his term he began the preliminary work on the first sewer of El Paso. At a later date he was elected county surveyor and successive elections continued him in office for fourteen years. He was first chosen in 1890. No higher testimonial of his loyalty and efficiency could be given than the fact that he has been retained in office for such long periods. In recent years his principal activities have been in connection with the department of mining industry in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, where he has some valuable mining properties, spending considerable of his time there in the supervision of that department. He also follows civil and mining engineering, maintaining an office in El Paso for that purpose. He owns about eighteen hundred acres of the rich valley land that will come under irrigation upon the completion of the great Engle dam now in process of construction under government supervision. In 1904 Mr. Parker was one of the organizers of the El Paso Pioneers’ Association and he is interested in all that pertains to researches concerning the early history of this section of the state. He has made a creditable record in an official capacity and as a business man stands as a splendid type of the enterprising citizen who is contributing so largely to the rapid progress and development of this portion of the state.

Source: B. B. Paddock, History and Biographical Record of North and West Texas (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1906), Vol. I, pp. 499-500.