Bedford County, Virginia, Land Processioners in August 1795

Transcribed by James Pylant
From Court Order Book 11 (1795—1799), pp. 30-32

Ordered that this County be laid off in Districts agreeable to the boundaries of the several Militia Companies for the purpose of processioning all the lands within the limits of said County and the persons nominated in each District shall divide the same into two precincts and in it is Ordered that where the Boundary line of a Company Divides any tract of Land that the processioners in the bounds where the mansion House stands shall perform the business, and, also in the largest part of an unimproven tract of land.Ordered that Samuel Hancock, Edward Hancock, John Nichols & Levi Squires be appointed [-smudged word-] procession all the lands in the bounds of Capt. Saml. Hancock’s Company & to make return thereof to Court according to law.

Lawrence M George, Lewis Turner, John Board, and Jeremiah Meador in Capt. Jos. Board’s Company.
Joseph Stith, Benjamin Stith, James Board, & John Dent in Capt Joseph Stith’s Company.
Matthew Pate, Thomas Pate, Robert Nimms, & George Scott in Capt John Pate‘s Company.
William Leftwich Junr., Charles Moorman, William Davis (Jr.), & Admin Turner in Capt. Wm. Leftwich’s Company.
Isaac Winfrey, Robert Dallier, John Dearen, and Mordecai Morgen in Capt. Isaac Winfrey’s Company.
Stephen Preston, Augustine Leftwich, Wm. Trigg (Col.o) & John Wright (other) in Capt Stephen Preston’s Company.
Jesse Leftwich, Silas Garrett, John Coffee, and Wm Pidgeon in Capt Jesse Leftwich’s Company. John Clayton, James Ayres Junr., Edward Terrill & John Murphy Senr. in Capt. John Clayton’s Company.
Stephen Hook, William Bagby, William Arthur (Ensign) & William Sutphin in Capt. Stephen Hook’s Company.
Henry Buford, John H. Otey, William Ewing & Thomas Campbell in Thomas Campbell’s Company.
George Dooley Senr., Wm Quarles Senr., John Dooley Senr. and James Pettross in Capt Wm. Quarles’s Company.
John Buford, Robert Sinkler, George Dixon, & Joseph Holt in Capt. John Buford’s Company.
Julius Hatcher, Henry Jeter, Joseph Fuqua & Thomas Haynes in Capt. Julius Hatcher’s Company.
Col.o Charles Gwatkin, Thomas Hubbard, Charles Jones, & Francis Halley in Capt. Thomas Hubbards Company.
David Saunders, Jabez Leftwich, Isaac Wade, & James Austin in Capt. Jabez Leftwich’s Company.
Samuel Mitchell, Michael Graham, Samuel Wilks & Griffin Dobbins in Capt. Saml. Mitchell’s Company.
David Jones, John Leftwich, Samuel Clayton, & Jacob Anderson in Capt. David Jones’s Company.
Simon Miller, William Miller, Benjamin Robinson, and David North in Capt. Simon Miller’s Company.
Ordered that William Burton, Charles Bright, Junr., James Gatewood, & Robert Price be app.d Processioners in Capt. William Burton’s Company.