Dr. Lee Dye biography

DR. L. LEE DYE, the well known and successful physician and druggist at Plainview, Hale county, where he has been established almost throughout the history of the town, was born in Russell county, Virginia, in 1854. His career has been wrought out along practical lines of endeavor, and he has gained success by industrious application of his energies and talents to whatever undertaking he has had in hand. He possesses the entire confidence of the people of Hale county, both in his professional and business capacity, and is widely and favorably known and esteemed throughout his section of the plains country of Texas.

Dr. Dye was a son of William and Nancy (Smith) Dye, his father a native of North Carolina, and his mother, who is now deceased, a native of Virginia. His father has lived in the Old Dominion state from the time of his early boyhood, and is now in the declining years of a long and useful career. He has been a successful farmer and stockman in Russell county, and still resides on the old homestead there, although retired from active pursuits.

Dr. Dye received his primary education in the schools of Russell county, and is an alumnus of the State College of Virginia at Blacksburg, from which institution he was graduated in 1879. In the meantime he has been studying medicine under private preceptors, and after passing the examinations entitling him to a certificate he engaged in practice in his native county for about two years. Then for two years he practiced at Falls Branch, Tennessee, in which sate he also obtained a certificate. He then took the regular course in the medical department of the University of Tennessee at Nashville, from which he was graduated in February, 1891. In the fall of the same year he came to his present home at Plainview, and has lived here and enjoyed an extensive and profitable practice ever since. In this plains country medical practice often takes a doctor on long journeys, and the practice of the profession is indeed arduous, but the conscientious physician is thereby and more of a public benefactor and an influence for good in the world. On coming to Plainview Dr. Dye bought a drug store, and this he, with his son, still conducts, the firm being Dr. L. Lee Dye & Son. Their business is very large and prosperous, and they maintain a branch establishment at Hale Center. Dr. Dye has a very pretty home in Plainview, with a nice garden and abundance of shade and fruit trees, and he also owns a ranch in the county, where he raises some fine cattle and horses.

Dr. Dye is a member of the Hale-Swisher-Lubbock-Floyd Counties Medical Association, and also of the Texas State Medical Society; member of the American Medical Association; president of the Board of Health of Hale county, Texas. He is also one of the directors of the First National Bank of Plainview. He is a member of the Methodist church, and has fraternal affiliations with the Knights of Pythias, the Masons and the Eastern Star. He was married at Falls Branch, Tennessee, to Miss Mary Vincen, and they have two children, Everett Lee and Belle.

Dr. Everett Lee Dye, Ph. G., M. D., graduate of the Llano Estacado Institute, Plainview, Texas; graduate of St. Louis College of Pharmacy, class of 1900; graduate of Fort Worth Medical College, class of 1904; member of the Board of Pharmacy sixty-fourth judicial district of Texas; member of Hale-Swisher-Lubbock-Floyd Counties Medical Society; also member American Medical Association; is now associated with Dr. Barnes, of Tulia, in the drug business and in the active practice of medicine and surgery. He was recently married to Miss Minnie Donohoo, of Canyon City, the youngest daughter of Mr. J. N. Donohoo. They now live at Tulia, Texas.

Belle, the only daughter of L. Lee Dye, is a graduate of Llano Estacado Institute, Plainview, Texas, attended school at Nashville, Tennessee, and Kidd-Key College, Sherman, Texas. She married Mr. Robert Tudor, in Plainview, Texas, and they now have a baby girl, Roberta Lee, and live in Plainview.

Source: B. B. Paddock, History and Biographical Record of North and West Texas (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1906), Vol. II