Dr. Thomas Flippin Burnett biography

DR. THOMAS FLIPPIN BURNETT, physician and surgeon of Seymour, Baylor county, came to this then new settlement of Texas March 25, 1884, when there were only one hundred and fifty souls in the place, and for the subsequent twenty years he has remained and prospered professionally, socially, and financially. He is a sincere and devoted member of the medical profession, was finely equipped and experienced at the time of his location here, and while attaining to influence and power as a practitioner he has also been a public-spirited, whole-souled and beneficent factor in the community, which has been the better for his citizenship and manhood.

Dr. Burnett was born in Bedford county, Virginia, January 23, 1845, and when about a year-old was brought to middle Tennessee, Smith county, by his parents, John Henry and Mary Don (Flippin) Burnett. His father had been born and reared in Bedford county and had lived there until his removal to Tennessee, where he lived for many years engaged in farming and trading, and is now a resident of Tiptonville, that state. Dr. Burnett’s mother was born and reared in Smith county, Tennessee, and her death occurred in 1890.

Dr. Burnett passed his youth and received his literary education in Smith county, Tennessee, and on attaining majority turned his serious thought and endeavor to preparing for the medical profession. He took courses in the medical department of the Vanderbilt University at Nashville, where he was graduated with the degree of M. D. February 25, 1882. In the spring of the same year he opened his first practice in St. Francis, Clay county, Arkansas, and two years later came to Seymour, which has been the scene of his very successful work ever since. His practice is not confined to the town but extends for many miles over the surrounding country, and throughout all this region he enjoys a very large acquaintance and is esteemed highly both as a physician and a man. He has been a witness to most of the development that has transformed this country into a stable agricultural community. For about five years he owned and operated a farm in Baylor county. He is a member of the county and state medical societies and of the American Medical Association, and fraternally is a Mason. His partner is Dr. C. F. Johnson, the firm being Burnett & Johnson.

Dr. Burnett was married in Tennessee to Miss Mary Etta Glover, who was born October 7, 1866, and reared in Obion county, Tennessee, her father being Dr. Charles Powell Glover. Dr. and Mrs. Burnett have five children: Powell Glover, Cora Don, Jesse G. K., Milus Moody, and Thomas Flippin, Jr.

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