Edward Pylande and Margaret Bush of Bristol, England

By James Pylant
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Edward Pyland(e), of unknown parentage, was probably born in Gloucestershire, England, by 1570. Sometime by the late 1590s he came to the St. Mary-le-Port Parish neighborhood of Bristol, in Gloucester.

Eight wedding ceremonies were performed in the St. Mary-le-Port church in 1599, the first being between Edward Payland and Marget Bagge, widow, on 29 January.1 The widow’s first marriage was also recorded in the same church register: Markes Bagge and Marget Busshe on 5 September 1591.2 Marcus Bagge, a butcher, died less than six years later in January 1597.3 The couple had at least one child, a son named William Bagge.4

Margaret Bush was born say 1575, almost certainly in Gloucestershire, to David Bush and his wife, Joan Lathbury. In 1609 David Bush made his will and appointed Edward Pyland as an overseer of his estate.5 In 1611 Joan Bush, widow, made her will and identified Edward Pyland as “my Sonne in lawe.”6

Originally, Mary-le-Port Church was referred to as the “Blessed Mary” or “St. Mary in Forro” (meaning in the market place). By the late 1400s, it became known as St. Mary-le-Port. The term “port,” however, is not an indication of the church’s proximity to the nearby River Avon, but it is another reference to the market.7
The church where the Pylands worshipped was surrounded by a cluster of buildings occupied by merchants and tradesmen. “The chief impression made by the owners and tenants of property in Mary-le-Port Street is that an extremely mixed community, in no way segregated by class or trade.”8

Edward Pyland and one of his wife’s relatives, William Sheppard, were acting as churchwardens as of 10 February 1617, the date the two accepted responsibility of a child born to Marrian Challis. Richard Williams, Marrian Challis’s brother, gave bond to Edward and William in the amount of £40.9

Henry Hornishe and his wife, Anne, filed suit against Edward Piland over a messuage (a house with adjacent buildings and land) in Worshipful Street, in Bristol, formerly the property of Anne Hornishe’s father, John Compton.10

On 16 June 1623 Edward Pyland was named in a tenement to Edward Duddleston in the Market of St. Mary-le-Port for rent of 40 shillings.11 Here, in a lane immediately behind the church, stood Edward Pyland’s butcher shop which was adjacent to the dwelling Edward Duddleston used as a bodice maker.12 The property stood about ten yards south of the church building and less than fifty yards north of the River Avon. The area behind the churchyard was described in 1480 as being the location of “three fine houses of great height.”13 With the exception of the tower, the church was destroyed by fire during World War II.14

Edward and Margaret moved to another Bristol neighborhood, Christ Church Parish, where both died and were buried. Edward Pylande made his last will and testament on 18 October 1652, naming wife Margaret as executrix. He requested burial in the churchyard near daughter Prudence, which was not necessarily out of partiality to her over his other daughter; Margaret Pyland Smith was buried in another parish and was likely interred beside by her husband and the small children she had lost. Besides his only surviving child, James, who was “living beyond the Sea,” he left a bequest to his “kinswoman,” the term he used to described his adult granddaughter, Margaret Smith, who would receive the lease of his home after his wife’s death. He also gave five shillings to “each and everyone” of his grandchildren without naming them specifically. Edward appointed close friends Peter Muggleworth (who was also his brother-in-law) and Henry Hobbs as overseers. The will was presented in court by his widow for probate on 1 August 1653.15

Following her husband’s death, Margaret Pyland made her last will and testament on 5 December 1655. In giving a statement of Christian faith, her will was not unlike others at that time, including her husband’s; yet, Margaret’s testimony was perhaps lengthier than usual. Margaret requested that she be buried next to her “last husband.” In what she admitted were small tokens, she left five shillings to son James and one shilling “to every one of his Children” still living at the time of her death. Other heirs were grandson Nicholas Tyler, the son of her deceased daughter Prudence, and the three surviving daughters of her deceased daughter Margaret Pyland Smith: Margaret Smith Warren (whom she named executrix), Dorothy Smith, and Ann Smith. The will was presented for probate by Margaret Warren on 7 April 1657. From the wording of Edward and Margaret Pyland’s wills, it is apparent that Margaret Smith Warren had assumed responsibility for her grandparents’ care. No mention was made of William Bagge, the son from Margaret’s first marriage.16

Child of Marcus Bagge and Margaret Bush:

  1. William Bagge, born ca. 1593, Bristol.

Children of Edward Pyland and Margaret Bush:
(All events occurred in St. Mary-le-Port Parish, unless otherwise stated)

  1. Margaret Pyland, christened March 27, 1602.17
  2. Edward Pyland, christened December 2, 160218; burial 17 October 1603.19
  3. James Pyland, christened August 30, 1604.20
  4. Margaret Pyland, christened March 30, 160621; buried 20 September 1641.22 On 21 April 1632, she married Lodwick Smith.23 He was buried 29 October 1641.24
    Their children:

    • Margaret Smith, christened 23 January 1633;25 married Richard Warren,26 perhaps in Christ Church Parish.
    • Dorothy Smith, christened 4 June 1634.27
    • Elizabeth Smith, christened 10 August 163528; buried 2 February 1639.29
    • Alexandra Smith, christened 7 May 1637;30 buried 8 December 1637.31
    • John Smith, christened 26 September 1638;32 buried 20 January 1640.33
    • Ann Smith, christened 27 August 1641.34
  5. Edward Pyland, christened September 24, 1607;35 burial 9 May 1610.36
  6. Prudence Pyland, christened February 27, 1610.37 On 2 February 1639 she married Richard Tyler.38 One Richard Tyler served as vestryman of St. Mary-le-Port in 1663.39
    Their child:

    • Nicholas Tyler40
  7. Edward Pyland, christened 30 March 1613.41
  8. William Pyland, christened 23 April 1616;42 buried 20 December 1616.43

St Mary Le Port Church photos

St. Mary-Le-Port Church, in Bristol, where Edward Pylande and Margaret Bush were married in 1599. Their eight children were baptized here, and Edward served as churchwarden. The structure was partially destroyed during World War II. (Photographs courtesy of Jim Pyland)

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