Emma Nora Gatlin biography

Emma Nora, daughter of Frank and May (Hanks) Rhomer, was born February 2, 1889, and educated at Webbers Falls, and the Cherokee National Female Seminary. She married Samuel Bell Maxey, son of James and Matilda (Yearby) Gatlin, born May 25, 1887. Mr. and Mrs. Gatlin are residents of Webbers Falls.

James, son of James and Lucy (McCoy) Gatlin, married Matilda Yearby and they were the parents of Samuel Bell Maxey Gatlin.

Calvin Jones Hanks married Emma Walker, the daughter of John Lowery and Charlotte (Ratliff) McCoy, and they were the parents of Mrs. May Rhomer.

Source: Emmet Star, History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore (Oklahoma City: 1921), p. 638.