Ezekial Fields biography

Ezekial, son of Richard and Elizabeth Jane (Blagg) Fields was born in Delaware District November 16, 1859, educated in the Cherokee Nation schools. Married Sabra Elizabeth, daughter of George Howard and Mary Carroll Ward. Their children are: Clarissa Eliza, born Mar. 28, 1870; Richard, born Nov. 17, 1873; Belle, born in 1875; Luvonia born in 1877; and Cora Fields, born in 1884. Mr. and Mrs. Ezekial Fields separated and he married December 6, 1899 Lennie Marshall, July 30, 1877, in McDonald County, Missouri. They are the parents of Inez L., born September 18, 1900; Edna Ann, born January 18, 1902; James E., born August 21, 1905, and John J. Fields, born March 21, 1907.

Ezekial, son of Richard Fields, Chief of the Texas Cherokees, married Mary Ann Sexton and they were the parents of Richard who married Elizabeth Jane Blagg.

Source: Emmet Starr, History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore (Oklahoma City, Okla.: 1921), p. 638.