Fred Washington Atkinson picture

Historical Images Collection

Ref. No. P001-GA009-1
Subject Fred Washington Atkinson
Location Brooklyn, New York
Date 1923
Caption Fred Washington Atkinson
Notes He was born in 1865 in Reading, Massachusetts. A. B. Harvard University, 1890; Ph.D., University of Leipzig, 1893; Head of Science Department, Westfield, Mass., High School; University of Berlin, 1891; University of Halle, 1892; Universities of Jena and Sorbornne, 1893-1894; Principal, Springfield, Mass., High School, 1894-1900; General Superintendent of Education, Philippine Islands, 1900-1903; Superintendent of Schools, Newton, Mass., 1904-1904; President, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, NY, beginning in 1904; Member, Board of Education, New York City, 1916-1918; author of The Philippine Islands.