Hoover Dam construction crew

Hoover Dam -construction crew

Historical Images Collection

Ref. No. P001-20160913-026
Subject Hoover Dam construction crew
Location Hoover Dam (originally known as Boulder Dam), Clark County, Nevada / Mohave County, Arizona
Date Undated, probably 1930s
Caption “Boulder Dam power [text missing]”
Notes Workers identified by Berry Greenwood: Frank Chamberlain, George Dodson, Andy Shankie, David Varner, Guy Mathis, Lloyd Urmson, Lee Maxwell, Ben Ferguson, Robert Young, Mike Slattery, James Burns, Lawrence Wortley, Herbert Measley, Willard Smith, C. C. Brown, Harry Horton, Fay Anderson, Manuel Smith, Charlie Murray, Len Peterson, Joe Wilbanks, Otto Bogie, Jack Snyder, Ralph Franklin, Al Hartman, Berry Greenwood, and Carl Pulsipher. Refer to handwritten caption for names in order.