J. M. B. Gresham biography

ELDER J. M. B. GRESHAM was born in Polk county, Ga., June 18, 1856. His father died in 1865, and on this account his early education was neglected. He was baptized at 15 years of age, and was married very young. He was a licentiate preacher four years. He was ordained at Lafayette, Ga., by Elders F. S. Moore and J. C. Camp. He preached for various churches in Georgia. Came to Texas in 1889, and has resided in Moody and Crawford. Since coming to Texas he has served Stampede, Coryell, Eagle Springs, Crawford, Patton and Oglesby churches. His work at Crawford has been told in the history of that church. During his pastorate, houses of worship have been built at Eagle Springs, Crawford and Patton. His home in at Crawford.

Source: J. L. Walker and C. P. Lumpkin, History of the Waco Baptist Association of Texas (Waco: Byrne-Hill Printing House, 1897), pp. 311-312.