J. R. McClanahan biography

J. R. McCLANAHAN, son of Peter and Sarah McClanahan was born in Lownds [Lowndes] county, Miss., June 1, 1832. His parents were Baptists. J. R. came to Anderson county, Texas, 1850, was married to Miss Kate Smith in 1858. They moved to Falls county in 1860, were among the first in the neighborhood, and Mrs. Mc. was among the earliest member of Center church. Of their three children only Mrs. Alice Barton is living. Mr. McClanahan is not a church member, but says he is a Baptist. He is afflicted, yet no member of Center church attends service better or pays more money than he to the cause.

Source: J. L. Walker and C. P. Lumpkin, History of the Waco Baptist Association of Texas (Waco: Byrne-Hill Printing House, 1897), p. 270.