James J. Delaney biography

REP. JAMES J. DELANEY, Democrat, of Long Island City, N. Y.; born in New York, N. Y., March 19, 1901; member of the law firm of Danahy, Delaney & Minetti, 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.; assistant district attorney for 9 years in the district attorney’s office, Queens County, N. Y.; married; one son, Patrick; elected to the Seventy-ninth Congress on November 7, 1944; elected to the Eighty-first Congress on November 2, 1948; reelected to the Eighty-second, Eighty-third, Eighty-fourth, and Eighty-fifth Congress.

Source: 85th Congress, 1st Session Beginning January 3, 1957, Official Congressional Directory (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1957), p. 99.