John Altman biography

JOHN ALTMAN, born in Germany, January 22, 1840. Accompanied with his wife he came to Cleveland, Ohio, June 8, 1868, remaining there until October 22, 1880, when he removed to Lucas County and settled in Adams Township. He married Mary Lehr, June 27, 1863, who also was born in Germany, September 28, 1839. They have four children, three boys and one daughter, born as follows: Joseph, born May 5, 1864; Jacob, born January 28, 1870; George, born September 1, 1874; Mary, born August 20, 1878. Mr. Altman has been a member of the school board. His address is Oak Grove, Ohio.

Source: Clark Waggoner, ed., History of the City of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio Illustrated (New York and Toledo: Munsell & Company, Publishers: 1888), p. 1.