John R. Deaver and Martha Jane Turner picture

DEAVER, John Roland

Historical Images Collection

Ref. No. P001-132
Subject John Roland Deaver and wife, Martha Jane Turner
Location Erath County, Texas
Date unknown
Caption John R. Deaver and Martha J. Turner

John Roland Deaver was born 17 August 1862 in Waverly County, Tennessee and died 11 December 1950 in Erath County, Texas. He was a son of William Jasper Deaver and Susie Cooper. John R. Deaver married Martha Jane Turner. Their children were:

  1. James Floyce Deaver, born 22 October 1899, Erath County, Texas.
  2. William Doyle Deaver, born 12 November 1887, Erath County, Texas.
  3. Irene Deaver, born 15 April 1892, Erath County.
  4. Ruby Deaver, born 1893, Erath County.
  5. Hayes Deaver, born 1 February 1897, Erath County.
  6. Aubrey Alaska Deaver, born 10 September 1899, Erath County.
  7. John Roland Deaver, Jr., born 10 September 1899, Erath County.
  8. Merle Finis Deaver, born 28 Jun. 1904, Erath County
  9. Harry Jasper Deaver, born 27 November 1907, Erath County.