Joseph Seth Eatman biography

JOSEPH SETH EATMAN was born April 19, 1849 in Blount County, Alabama. He was the son of Labon and Temperance Eatman born in North Carolina. Eatman’s father owned a plantation and cotton mills in North Carolina; Josie Eatman’s father was a minister.

Joseph Seth Eatman and Josephine A. Rogers were married on October 19, 1875 at Tupelo, Mississippi. Josephine was born at or near Corinth, Mississippi on January 20, 1854.

Joseph Seth and “Josie” A. Eatman came to Palmer, Texas about 1880. They bought land, built a six-room house, cleared and fenced the land. They were the parents of ten children and two adopted nieces, children of Joseph’s brother, James Eatman. Joseph Seth and Josephine Eatman’s children were: Lula Virginia, born September 15, 1876 in Tupelo, Mississippi; Fannie Catherine, born January 28, 1878 in Tupelo, Mississippi; Leona A., born April 20, 1879 in Tupelo, Mississippi; Josephine Florence, born June 14, 1880 in Tupelo Mississippi; Minnie Lee, born June 6, 1882 in Palmer, Texas; Essie Margarette, born March 18, 1883 in Palmer, Texas; Nancy Ann “Nannie,” born July 25, 1884 and Gracie S., born March 20, 1887.

Source: [Anonymous], Memorial and Biographical History of Ellis County, Texas (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1892), p. 774.