Lorenzo Dow McCalmon biography

LORENZO DOW McCALMON, son of John Scott and Eliza (De Armond) McCalmon, was born in 1846 in Cherokee County, Alabama. John Scott McCalmon was born in 1820 in Ohio, and his wife was born in Tennessee in 1819. They came to Cherokee County about 1840. Mr. McCalmon was appointed a justice of the peace in 1842, and served for more than forty years. He died in 1887 at age 67. He was a farmer and operated a corn and grist mill.

L. D. McCalmon was county surveyor for the north side of the Coosa for seventeen years. He was deputized in 1889 to arrest the dueling parties at Cedar Bluff.

He married Harriet Mahala Hurley, born 1846, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Smith) Hurley, who were married in Cherokee County in 1836. Harriet had four sisters and two brothers: Catherine, Hannah, John, Margaret Louisa, and Reuben.

He had a son, John H. McCalmon, who went West in 1894.

Source: Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart, Cherokee County History, Vol. 2 (Centre, Ala., 1959: the author), p. 309. Reprinted with permission.