Mary M. Walter picture

Ref. No. P001-88
Subject Mary M. Walter
Location Germany
Date 1913
Caption Mary M. Walter taken in 1913 in Germany, before she married August J. Bartholet.
Notes Mary M. Walter was the daughter of Hermann Walter by his second wife, Magtadalena Aman. His son from his first marriage was Frank Xavier Walter, born 12 January 1875 in Simgmarigen, Hohenzollern, Germany. Hermann and Magtalena had three sons and one daughter: Hermann (born 18 February 1885—died 24 August 1914), Johann (born 14 October 1888—died 30 January 1955); Mary M., (born 27 May 1891 – died 26 August 1989), and August Walter (born 18 February 1894—died 17 Oct. 1972). Mary Walter worked on the farm and took care of her ailing mother until her death in 1900. After finishing school about 1910, she went to Switzerland to work in her aunt’s snuff factory for about two years. Through her aunt, she met August Joseph Bartholet. They took the steampship Chemnitz-Berman to America, as she wanted to reunite her with half-brother, Frank Walter, who owned a confectionary in Philadelphia. August Joseph Bartholet and Mary M. Walter were married in a Catholic church in Philadelphia on 2 October 1913 by Reverened Joseph M. Thain. They stayed overnight at the home of Elizabeth and Frank Walter, and then moved Texas, first to Galveston and later Fort Worth. They had three children: August H. Bartholet, Mary Magdalene Bartholet, and Elizabeth Ann Bartholet. Submitted by August H. Bartholet.