Merselis Family picture


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Ref. No. P001-192
Subject Left to right: Orpha Denison Merselis Groff, Antionette Viele Merselis De Bardelelben, Mary Elizabeth Merselis Shults, and Kathryn Conboy Merselis
Location New York?
Date unknown
Caption 1. “Orpha Dennison Merselis Groff, 2. Antoinette Viele Merelis De Bardleben, 3. Mary Elizabeth Merselis Shults, 4. Kathryn Conboy Merselis, sister-in-law, Dewey’s 2nd wife.”
Notes This photograph was found at an antiques store. Orpha, Antoinette, Mary, and their brother, Dewey, were children of Daniel W. Merselis and Elizabeth Spencer Wood of Canajoharie, Montgomery County, New York.