Mrs. Eugene Samuel Cobia biography

Mrs. Eugene Samuel Cobia, of Cedar Bluff, Alabama, was born at Broomtown, Ala., April 23, 1883, to William Franklin Blackburn and Nannie Leath Blackburn. Her grandparents were J. G. Blackburn and Kathryn Crain Blackburn and N. B. Leath and Chelnessie Lawrence Leath. Her brothers are Arthur Blackburn, Saaliwaw, Oklahoma; and Robert Blackburn, Rome, Ga.; and one sister, Mrs. Frank Wood of Round Mountain, Arkansas.

Mrs. Cobia married the late Mr. Cobia in Cedar Bluff, Alabama, March 10, 1906. Their children are: Ruth Cobia Summers, president of Wesleyan Guild; Jewell Cobia, teacher in Cedar Bluff School; Jerrel Cobia, steward in Methodist Church, Bert Cobia, in charge of Cedar Bluff telephone company; and Cecil Cobia, 1st Lt. in US Army.

She is a member of the Methodist Church and the Cedar Bluff Woman’s Club. She attended Cedar Bluff Grammar and High Schools. She is a homemaker and enjoys reading, sewing and growing flowers. She has visited in Montgomery, Ala., Atlanta, Ga., Columbus, and Warm Springs, Ga.

Source: Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart, Two Hundred Clubwomen: Second District Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1953 (Centre, Alabama: the compiler, 1955), p. 27. Reprinted with permission.