Mrs. Fred Cartlidge biography

Mrs. Fred Cartlidge of Cedar Bluff, Ala., is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis N. Rose. She was born in Gaylesville, Ala., August 4. Her grandparents are the Hudsons and Roses.

She became the bride of Mr. Fred Cartlidge in the Methodist parsonage in Gaylesville, Ala., December 28, 1930. They have one daughter Fred Rose Cartlidge. Mrs. Cartlidge has one brother and two sisters. Both she and her husband are beauty operators.

She is a graduate of the Cedar Bluff High School and a member of the Methodist Church. Her hobby is growing African Violets. She has visited in Florida and the mountains in Tennessee.

Source: Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart, Two Hundred Clubwomen: Second District Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1953 (Centre, Alabama: the compiler, 1955), p. 27. Reprinted with permission.