Mrs. Henry Prater biography

MRS. HENRY PRATER—Martha Celeste Thompson, born March 16, 1868, married February 1, 1887, Henry Sheridan, son of Thomas D. and Mary Elizabeth Prater, born June 13, 1866 in Camden County, Tennessee. They are the parents of David George, born August 10, 1891, and married Nancy May Youngblood, born in March 1895, and their three children are John F., born September 8, 1911, Benjamin Hester Prater, born March 28, 1913, and Pansy May Prater, born May 16, 1915; Mary Caroline Prater, born September 30, 1896, married September 23, 1915, Guy P. Holmes. She died November 26, 1918, and left two children: Mary Lorena, born October 19, 1916, and Helen L. Dawes, born February 25, 1900; Mable Clara, born August 26, 1902; Robbie, born September 1, 1904; Nellie Maude, born September 27, 1906, and Rollie Austin Prater, born February 7, 1909.

Clara Rider, born Jun 20, 1842, married July 5, 1865, David George Thompson, born November 10, 1840, in Newton County, Georgia. He served during the Civil War in Captain Jonathan Nail’s company of the First Chickasaw Cavalry, Confederate service. Mrs. Thompson died August 6, 1916. They were the parents of Mrs. Mattie [Martha] Celeste Prater.

Source: Emmet Starr, History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore (Oklahoma City, Okla.: 1921), p. 648.