Noah Hunt biography

Proprietor of Lone Jack Flour and Grist Mill and dealer in wool-carding machinery, is a native of Davie County, North Carolina, born February 20, 1831, and is a son of N. C. Hunt, who immigrated to Jackson County, Missouri, in 1842. He was reared on a farm till 1849. His father then put him in charge of the Nathan C. Hunt Horse-power Grist Mill, located six miles northeast of Lone Jack, and he remained there for three years. On August 28, 1851, he was married to Miss N. E. Cave, who was born April 1, 1833. He then located one-half mile west of Lone Jack, and commenced the wool-carding business. In 1856 he also built a horse-power grist mill, and continued to run the wool-carding and milling business for thirteen years. Then in 1869 he built his present steam-power grist mill, and has ever since continued to run the same, in connection with the carding business. He owns 283 acres of land, 120 of which are in cultivation and well stocked. Twelve children were born to this family: E. F., born October 9, 1852; G. C., born March 16, 1854; Mary A., born April 11, 1856; J. M., born March 20, 1858; J. B., born April 29, 1860; Bettie F., born September 21, 1862; Lucinda M., born December 24, 1864; W. W., born March 11, 1867; Virginia L., born February 7, 1870; Benjamin B., born September 25, 1871; R. T., born January 11, 1874 and S. A., born December 25, 1876. G. G. died November 3, 1857; Mary A. died November 28, 1878, and Virginia L. died November 13, 1870. Mrs. Hunt died March 7, 1878. He was again united in marriage on September 13, 1880, to Mrs. Mary E. Travis, widow of R. Travis, deceased; she having been born May 25, 1834. As two other members of his family, there live with him the aged mother of his first wife, Mrs. Susan Cave, now in the seventy-sixth year of her age, and Zella Travis, a daughter of his second wife; she having been born on November 20, 1863.

Source: [Anonymous], The History of Jackson County, Missouri (Kansas City: Union Historical Co., 1881), p. 936.