Roswell G. Hall biography

Among the early settlers who came to Abilene in the primitive days of the county is Roswell G. Hall, now an honored pioneer settler of Taylor county. His parents were natives of Virginia, his father, Daniel C. Hall, having been born in Warren county, while his mother, Mrs. Virginia (Rixley) Hall,was born in Fauquier county. She was a granddaughter of General Churchill Gibbs of Revolutionary war fame. The parents were residents of Abilene, Texas, and recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. The father died on the 13th of April, 1905. In February of 1883 the family removed to Missouri, settling in Johnson county, but the climate did not agree with their general health and they accordingly left that state for Texas, where they arrived in March, 1884, locating in the newly established town of Abilene. The city had just taken on an existence apart from the old tent habitation. Here and there frame structures were being erected and from that primitive period in the history of the city the Hall family have witnessed its progress to the present day of modern improvement and substantial development, when Abilene is a city of excellent business houses, handsome residences and all the equipments known to the older cities of the east.

Roswell G. Hall was born at Front Royal, Warren county, Virginia, September 28, 1857, and acquired a good public school education prior to the removal of the family to Texas. It was his intention upon arriving here to engage in the cattle business, which he followed for several years. This gave him an excellent opportunity to learn something of the western country and the characteristic habits of the old-time cowboy. He herded cattle over various portions of the country, driving them into the Sierra Madras mountains in old Mexico and also making extended trips into Colorado. On one occasion some of the boys who were with him had encounters with the Indians and in one of them two of his companions were killed. There was wild game of all kinds to be had, including bear, deer and wild turkeys, while large herds of antelopes were also frequently seen. After engaging in cattle herding for some time Mr. Hall, in 1887, embarked in the livery business on his own account and continued therein for fifteen years. From this he extended his efforts to his present business on Chestnut street as a dealer in vehicles of all kinds, making a speciality of high-class good, including the manufactured products of the Columbus Buggy Company of Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Hall has succeeded in building up a large and lucrative trade which extends throughout western Texas, his sales being represented by an extensive figure annually. For six years he was cattle inspector for Taylor county, his term of office expiring in November, 1904.

On the 15th of January, 1896, Mr. Hall wedded Miss Catherine Yeiser, of Danville, Kentucky, and they now have four children, three sons and a daughter. Mr. Hall is a member of the Elks and also of the Masonic lodge of Abilene, having been identified with the latter organization for about fifteen years. Personally he is popular, having many warm friends in this part of the country, and his business reputation is one that has commended him to the confidence and respect of all.

Source: B. B. Paddock, History and Biographical Record of North and West Texas (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1906), Vol. II, p. 704.