Rudolph E. Krueger biography

Much of the civilization of the world has come from the Teutonic race. Continually moving westward they have taken with them the enterprise and advancement of their eastern homes and have become valued and useful citizens of various localities. In this country especially have they demonstrated their power to adapt themselves to new circumstances, retaining at the same time their progressiveness and energy, and have become loyal and devoted citizens, true to the institutions of the land of the free and untiring in the promotion of all that will prove of benefit to their adopted country. The German element in America forms an important part of American citizenship and the sons of the fatherland have become valued factors in the various communities which largely owe their progress and prosperity to these adopted sons.

When Rudolph E. Krueger was born in Prussia, Germany, March 17, 1856, his parents perhaps never dreamed of the splendid success that the future held in store for their little son, but he has made for himself a creditable name and place in business circles in Texas and is today conducting an important productive industry, of which he is the sole proprietor, under the name of the North Texas Compressed Brick Company. He is a son of Rudolph E. and Minnie (Luther) Krueger and is the only member of his father’s family who came to the United States. His father is still living but the mother passed away at the age of forty-five years. For a long period Rudolph E. Krueger, Sr., conducted a restaurant in Europe but now lives retired, having attained the very venerable age of ninety-five years.

The subject of this review spent the first fifteen years of his life in his native country and then came alone to America. His educational privileges were somewhat meagre [sic], but he possessed a laudable ambition and early in life determined to grasp eagerly every opportunity for raising himself to the level of the high standard which he set up. Making his way to Chicago, he there learned the cigar making trade, which he followed until coming to Sherman, Texas, in 1877. Here he formed a partnership with Bruno H. Zauk, under the firm style of Zauk & Krueger for the manufacture of cigars. This business was continued for several years, on the expiration of which period Mr. Krueger established the firm and business of the Sherman Pressed Brick Company and was made its president and general manager, so continuing until 1900, when he bought ninety-five acres of land rich in shale deposits for the manufacture of brick. This land is located at what is called Cook Springs, half way between Sherman and Denison, and here Mr. Krueger has established a modern brick manufacturing plant supplied with all the latest improved equipments and machinery for the manufacture of brick and having a capacity of twenty-five thousand brick per day. The business is conducted under the name of the North Texas Compressed Brick Company but Mr. Krueger is sole owner and proprietor. The plant is valued at forty-five thousand dollars and its output finds a very ready sale on the market. When he began the development of this project his location was nothing but a wilderness. He is now building houses for his employes [sic] and founding quite a settlement in this locality.

In 1885, in Sherman, Texas, Mr. Krueger was married to Miss Sophia Fisher, who was born in Switzerland and came to America when twenty years of age. Four children have graced this union, all born in Sherman, namely: Minnie, Adella, Rudolph and Sophia. Mr. Krueger has not only secured a splendid competence for his family but has made an honored name. He came to America a poor boy and has risen through his own labors, his frugality and capable business management. Whatever he undertakes to do he does thoroughly and well. He has conducted his business enterprises strictly on business principles and as the years have passed by has established a large and profitable, productive industry. Steadily pursuing his way undeterred by obstacles and difficulties in his path, he has achieved a prosperity of which he perhaps even did not dream two decades ago. Steady application, careful study of business methods and plans to be followed, close attention to details combined with an untiring energy are the traits of character which have brought him success and made him one of the foremost business men of western Texas.

Source: B. B. Paddock, History and Biographical Record of North and West Texas (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1906), Vol. I, pp. 574-576.