Sen. Thomas Watts Bradford biography

THOMAS WATTS BRADFORD, of Centre, [Alabama] was born April 2, 1894, at that place, son of Thomas and Louisa Caroline (Wills) Bradford, who lived at Centre. His grandparents were James and Margaret (McCrae) Bradford and John and Kate E. (Duffie) Wills of Fayette, Missouri, and Greensboro, Alabama.

Senator Bradford was educated in the public schools of his native county, and at the Southern University at Greensboro and at the University of Alabama. He is a Democrat and a member of the State Executive Committee. He was elected to the Legislature in 1927 to represent the 29th District. He later served in the House, representing Cherokee County.

He has served as register in chancery for several years.

Source: Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart, Cherokee County History, 1836—1956, Volume 2 (Centre, Alabama, 1959), p. 441. Reprinted with permission.