Stephen Smith biography

STEPHEN SMITH, farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 6, P.O. Greenfield, was born May 22, 1809, in Vermont.* His father, John M. Smith, was born in 1781, in Virginia, and was married to Rachel Packwood, who was born in 1781. They emigrated to Kentucky in 1810, and remained there till 1840, then emigrated to Greene county, Ill. He died in 1858, in Greene County, and his wife died in 1836, in Kentucky. The subject of this sketch was twenty-eight years of age when he came to Greene County; was married in Kentucky, Sept. 13, 1836, to Miss Sallie M. Pace, who was born Feb. 22, 1816; have nine children: Thomas A., born Dec. 8, 1837; Greensville Z., born Aug. 31, 1839, died April 7, 1866; Nacy, born Feb. 26, 1842; Edward, born July 11, 1844; James T., born July 30, 1847; William, born March 28, 1850; John C., born Feb. 24, 1853; George W., born Nov. 13, 1855; Martha B., born July 10, 1860. Mr. Smith came to Illinois with a borrowed team and wagon, and all be bought with him was his bed clothes and wearing apparel and cooking utensils, and with money enough to buy 106 acres of the unbroken soil of Greene County, and now owns 175 acres.

Source: [Anonymous], History of Greene County, Illinois; Its Past and Present (Chicago: Donnelley, Gassette & Loyd, Publishers, 1879), pp. 627-628.

*Vermont is probably a misprint. Instead, Virginia was the more likely birthplace of Stephen Smith.