Thomas F. Stewart biography

THOMAS F. STEWART, merchant, teacher, and member of the County Board of Education, was born in Goshen in 1859, the son of John T. and Emily C. (Bale) Stewart. In 1878 he opened out a family grocery at Amberson. In 1889 it became the Formby-Stewart Company. The two-story brick building at Spring Garden was erected by Mr. Stewart in 1897. His name is still visible on the front of the building.

In 1884 he married Lucy Stewart, daughter of B. M. and Sarah E. (Baird) Stewart. Their children were: Agnes; Tommie; Hyacinth; DeForest; Amy; Clarice Bale.

Mr. Stewart owned much property in the southern part of the county, including Crouch’s mill. He died January 18, 1911, following an operation for appendicitis. He was called the “most energetic man in the county; leading spirit of Spring Garden; elegant Christian gentleman.” He was an active church leader.

Agnes Stewart married Dr. W. H. Boozer; Hyacinth married O. L. Pruett; Tommie married Joe H. Roberts. DeForest, Amy and Clarice died young.

Source: Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart, Cherokee County [Alabama] History, 1836—1956, Volume 2 (Centre, Alabama, 1959), p. 345. Reprinted with permission.