W. G. Boone, A. M. biography

Short, spiritual, sunshiny. Such was the beautiful life of Elder Boone. A son of Heard county, Georgia, he was born April 18, 1837. August 19, 1849, he was baptized by Elder Robert Fleming into Bethel church of his native county. He graduated from Mercer University, at Penfield, Georgia, in 1859, and was ordained at Penfield, May 29, 1859, by the following eminent ministers: T. D. Martin, A. M., Drs. N. M. Crawford, W. Williams and H. H. Tucker. He was married November 7, 1859, to Miss Mary E. Watson, Elder S. R. Hood officiating. His pastorate at Gadsden, Ala., though brief, was called to become professor of languages in Mount Lebanon and Mount Gilead. In 1862 he accepted the invitation to take charge of the church and the college at Homer, where he remained eight months. The institution at Evergreen was the next scene of his labor. Here he remained two years, teaching and preaching. He served as pastor of Big Cane church sixteen months. In 1867 he came to Texas and spent one year in teaching. In 1870 he became pastor of Bremond church, then an infant flock. It was under his care the church first united with the Waco Association, August, 1870. After a happy and prosperous pastorate of three years at Bremond the Lord took him November 13, 1873.

A resolution adopted by the Association in 1874 at Bremond says, “In the death of Elder W. C. Boone our Association has lost an eminent scholar and an able expounder and defender of God’s word.”

Though eminent for his scholarship, his modesty was remarkable. His nature was retiring. He loved his home and his flock. He died universally beloved and mourned.

Source: J. L. Walker and C. P. Lumpkin, History of the Waco Baptist Association of Texas (Waco: Byrne-Hill Printing House, 1897), p. 242.