W. H. Bayliss biography

Colonel Bayliss was a lawyer in early life and had a large practice. He was born in Augusta, Georgia, in 1806, and at the age of 36 he professed faith in Christ and became a Baptist preacher of great zeal and power. He succeeded Dr. R. C. Howell as pastor of Nashville, Tenn., where the sainted J. R. Graves and A. C. Dayton held membership. He was called to a large church in New York City, with salary of $5,000 offered, but declined because of his southern principles. He held pastorates in Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana, and afterwards, through the influence of Dr. R. C. Burleson, came to Waco, Texas. He was pastor at Waco in 1860, when the Association was organized, and though appointed by his church as delegate, for some reason, was not present. He was pastor at Waco in 1861 and 1862. He wrote the report on literature and periodicals, adopted by the Association in 1861. He went from Waco to Marshall, Texas, and after the war became pastor of Coliseum Place church, New Orleans, where he remained till his death, June 13, 1867. He died at Smite City, La., where he had gone for his health. He was loved and honored by all who knew him.

Source: J. L. Walker and C. P. Lumpkin, History of the Waco Baptist Association of Texas (Waco: Byrne-Hill Printing House, 1897), pp. 236-237.