William G. Newby biography

WILLIAM G. NEWBY. As president of the American National Bank at Fort Worth Mr. Newby is a member of that coterie of men who both guard and guide the financial current of North Texas. The banks of Fort Worth are remarkably prosperous, their clearings have shown an almost phenomenal growth within the last few years, and their stability reflects the substantial prosperity of the country from which they receive their streams of golden wealth.

The president of the American National was born in St. Charles, Missouri, March 11, 1859, a son of John H. and Mary A. (Broadhead) Newby, natives of Virginia but married in Missouri. His father was a tobacco manufacturer in St. Charles many years, in 1871 came to Texas and engaged in the mercantile business in Bowie county, three years later became a farmer in Parker county, and, finally retiring in 1887, moved to Fort Worth, where his death occurred the same year. His wife died in 1890. Of their six children two live: Dr. James B. Newby, of St. Louis, Missouri; and W. G.

In St. Charles College at his birthplace, Mr. Newby received his education, and, coming to Texas in 1873, two years after the arrival of his father, was at once introduced to the typical Texas industry of ranching as an employe[e] of the late C. L. Carter on his noted ranch in Young county. Eighteen months later he entered the employ of the Joseph H. Brown wholesale grocery house, the pioneer wholesale business of Fort Worth and in its day the most extensive concern of its kind in North Texas. Mr. Newby was identified with this institution, in various capacities, for sixteen years, and his withdrawal form it was induced by his entrance into banking. From 1890 he was cashier of the Traders National Bank of Fort Worth, and passed from that position into the presidency of the American National Bank, where he has since served.

December 14, 1883, Mr. Newby married, in Fort Worth, Miss Etta O. Price, who was born in Mississippi, a daughter of W. S. and M. S. Price. Fraternally Mr. Newby is a member of the various Masonic bodies, and has filled all the offices in the commandery.

Source: B. B. Paddock, History and Biographical Record of North and West Texas (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1906), Vol. II, pp. 397-398.