William H. Jackson and Joanna Guy

JACKSON, W H and Joanna Guy

Historical Images Collection

Ref. No. P001-580
Subject W. H. Jackson and Joanna (Guy) Jackson
Location Texas
Date unknown
Caption W. H. and Joanna (Guy) Jackson

According to family tradition, Joanna Guy was fourteen years-old when she married William Harrison Jackson. He was the son of John Kean Jackson and Jane Ainsworth. Joanna Guy, daughter of Peter Guy and Martha O’Neal, was born 2 November 1858 and died in Erath County, Texas, on 23 August 1939. Their children were:

  • Sedora, who married Will Moorehead.
  • Tom
  • Newton Cornelius, Farmer, born 9 May 1879, Leon Co. Texas – died 3 Nov. 1965, Erath Co. Texas.
  • Robert
  • Elizabeth, who married William Goolsby.
  • Bud, who married Myrtle Woods.
  • Ethel, who married Alfred Stacy.
  • Martha Emma Leona Jane, who married John Henry Shannon.
  • Guy
  • Eunice
Sources Interview with J. W. Shannon by James Pylant; Birth and death data from death certificate of Joanna Jackson, Death Records, Vol. 3, p. 237, Erath County Courthouse, Stephenville, Texas; Death certificate of Newton Cornelious Jackson, Vol. 12, p. 235, Erath County Courthouse. Names of parents of William Harrison Jackson and Joanna Guy from Edwin Shannon, Hico, Texas.