Bruno Rohner picture


Historical Images Collection

Ref. No. P001-083
Subject Bruno Rohner
Location unknown
Date ca. 1890
Caption “Bruno Rohner, 1890?”


Submitter: Ray Blackburn
Date: 29 December 2006
Notes: “He stayed with my grandparents for a time some time before World War II, I think, and had left his approved citizenship application document [pictured below]. . . I am now in possession of it and it shows he came from Russia as a subject of the Czar of Russia and became a citizen in Galveston, Texas on December 7th of 1904.” Mr. Blackburn says the photograph posted here is similar to a later photograph his family had of Rohner.

“My grandmother had stayed with Bruno Rohner for some time in Temple [Bell County, Texas], where she had worked as a nurse. Later Bruno had stayed for a short time just visiting some time after my grandparents got married and gave them the framed document.”

ROHNER, Bruno 2