Ira Edward Gilbert picture

GILBERT, Ira Edward

Historical Images Collection

Ref. No. P001-189
Subject Postcard photo of Ira Edward Gilbert
Location unknown
Date unknown
Caption Ira Edward Gilbert
Notes This photograph was found at an antiques store.


Submitter Phelba Gilbert Wecas
Date 03 November 2004
Notes “This is a picture of my father, Ira Edward Gilbert. . . He lived his entire life in Weatherford [Parker County], Texas. He married Phelba Jewel McKinney. They had two children, Roy Edward Gilbert and Phelba Ala Gilbert.” Ira Edward Gilbert (born 6 December 1911 and died 11 June 1967) was adopted by Perry Wilson Gilbert and wife Maud Current Gilbert. “Both my parents and grandparents are buried in City Greenwood Cemetery in Weatherford. My father was the only child of Perry and Maud.”