Isaac Alderete biography

ISAAC ALDERETE, filling the position of district clerk in El Paso, is a representative of one of the oldest Spanish families whose history has been connected with the town of Ysleta, El Paso county, for many generations. In fact his paternal ancestors resided there at a period remote in records that are extant at the present time. They lived there during the Mexican rule to the early Spanish regime. Ysleta is one of the oldest towns on the American continent and the Alderete family has been connected with its history probably from the earliest epoch in its development. Benigno Alderete, father of Isaac Alderete, was born at Ysleta about 1847 and for many years was one of the leading citizens of that place and vicinity. He has filled various positions of honor and trust, has been mayor, county commissioner and customs inspector of the United States and has likewise filled other offices, the duties of which have been discharged in a most capable and efficient manner. He is the owner of a large amount of the rich valley and in the Ysleta neighborhood, having nearly one hundred families living as tenants upon his different places and conducting their operation and improvement. He married Miss Espirideona Gonzales, who died about twenty-five years ago. Her people were originally from Chihuahua.

Isaac Alderete was born in Ysleta and pursued his literary education in Jesuit College, at Las Vegas, New Mexico. He received his business training in El Paso, where for nine years he was connected with the Campbell Real Estate Company, beginning as clerk and bookkeeper and finally becoming general agent. In 1898 he resigned to make a race for clerk of the district court of the thirty-fourth and forty-first judicial districts, was elected and has been re-elected in 1900, 1902 and 1904. He possesses excellent qualifications for the office and moreover he exercises these so that he has proven a most capable official, and that he enjoys the entire confidence of the voting population is indicated by the fact that he has been four times chosen for the office.

Mr. Alderete was married to Miss Leonora Guera, who was born and reared in Ysleta, and they have two children, Isaac and Lucinda. Mr. Alderete also has three brothers and a sister, Frank G., Louis, Abraham and Leonora Alderete.

Source: B. B. Paddock, History and Biographical Record of North and West Texas (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1906), Vol. I, pp. 653-654.